The detective adventure game from Born Frustrated Studio breaks through the fourth wall in a very creative way.

  • You can even have your introductory episode of File: // maniac for free
  • This is an adventure game with real files

We’ve come across a lot of games that break through the fourth wall in one way or another, speaking openly to the player, the File: // maniac however, he does all this with rarely seen creativity. This is an adventure game where the key to progress is not to be found within the game, but in our files.

The detective cyber-thriller in turn forces us to deal with files in the game’s own directory. For example, we need to delete a door.cfg file or move files between folders.

You don’t have to be scared, because the version currently available helps a lot – maybe even too much, you can’t really get stuck in it, because you get accurate instructions. However, it is important to note that this is an adventure with an episodic structure, and in the following sections there is a good chance that the creators will turn up the challenge.

File: // maniac can be obtained from this page, just click the “Download Now” button. Anyone who wants to can support the developers with any amount, but this is not obligatory, the game can be yours for free.


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