The patch for Crysis, announced some time ago, is finished and, as they wanted to make clear at the time, indeed not much special. These are mainly fixes for problems that can occur under special circumstances. An overview of what’s being improved on Crysis can be found here, where you’ll also find a single download link.

Crysis is a first person shooter from the makers of Far Cry. The game is mainly set in the tropics, where you and your team will have to face an alien invasion. The game also has some urban and alien levels. Where Far Cry was a game in which you operated on your own, in Crysis you have an entire squad at your disposal and tactics will play a much larger role. In addition, you can completely customize your weapons and suit with, among other things, new parts, and the shooting will also be really influenced by it.
The game runs on the CryEngine 2 and delivers breathtakingly beautiful visuals. The game has an incredible amount of detail, but also shows a realistic representation of moving vegetation and breaking sun rays.


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