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First discount agency in the event industry

First discount agency in the event industry

The online platform “Eventpreisbrecher”, which was launched on February 1, received a mixed response. Initiator and owner of the event agency Brot und Spiele, Peter Cramer, wants to “offer basic services of an event agency at a low fixed price” on this portal. Critics fear an “aldization” of the event market. Regardless of this, in view of the reduced budget, the price is already often the all-important factor when awarding projects.

According to Cramer, customers receive a concept, an offer, a presentation and, when the order is placed, the implementation. Any third-party services required are purchased depending on the budget and the customer’s wishes – according to the founder, without any extra commission from the agency. For example, the conception and organization of an event in Hamburg for up to 100 participants costs 980 euros (net). In addition, there are external costs and, if desired, the implementation of the event on site. The duration of the event is irrelevant.

The concept has already started a lively debate on www.daseventblog.de, which shows how divided experts are. Event expert and consultant Wolf Rübner criticized the blog: “The first low-cost agency is here! (…) I find the aldization of the agency business unsuccessful and completely contradicts your basic idea of ​​individual advice, quality and problem solving. ”

Others, however, welcome the move, such as Bernd Fritzges, Senior Sales & Key Account Manager at Intergerma: “I can only agree with the model because we at Intergerma offer a similar“ modular system ”for event services. The advantages are obvious: Absolute cost transparency and no “veiled” calculations. ”

In any case, the debate shows one thing: there is great uncertainty about the appropriateness of costs and services for events. Event agencies will probably have to break down their costs better in the future and create transparent billing systems in order to regain the trust of their customers. This means that event organizers are in good company, because media or creative agencies are currently feeling greater pressure to make their services more transparent or even have to justify them.