How to fix Unfortunately, Fortnite has been discontinued on Android, from English “Fortnite has Stopped Error“, This is one of the many application errors on our Android phones. Fortnite is the most popular Battle Royale game right now.

Easily beat the rules of survival and PUBG Mobile in terms of popularity. NetEase tried to beat Fortnite by releasing FortCraft Beta, but we have yet to see the official FortCraft release as Fortnite it’s on almost every device right now.

The game is fairly stable, although some issues have been reported. However, there is an error which is very common on Android devices and it is very annoying. I’m talking about when games and applications suddenly crash for no apparent reason.

In this article we dealt with the error “Unfortunately, Fortnite has been discontinued“On Android, from English”Fortnite has Stopped Error“. This is a very common mistake with a rather simple solution. Therefore, in this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to fix when Fortnite is not working on my phone and showing you the error “Unfortunately, Fortnite has been discontinued ”.

Fortnite doesn’t work on my phone | How to fix

This error occurs due to a data crash, a weak internet connection, or because the cache files are corrupted. Most of the time the corrupted cache files are the ones that cause the game or application to stop suddenly.

And when you’re playing a game like Fortnite, this would be the last experience you want to have. However, below is the guide to know “Unfortunately, Fortnite has been discontinued“On Android, from English”Fortnite has Stopped Error“.

Fortnite doesn’t work on my phone

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Android device.

Step 2: Tap Application Manager and search for the Fortnite app.

Step 3: Once found, tap on it and on the next screen you will see two buttons.

Step 4: Now tap Clear cache And Clear data.

Step 5: Once everything is cleared, restart your device.

Step 6: When the device is back online, run Fortnite again.

That’s all. You have successfully solved, “Unfortunately, Fortnite has been discontinued“On Android, from English”Fortnite has Stopped Error“.

Fortnite Party is not responding

As the name also says Fortnite Party, but at the moment the party is not there, the mistake is preventing anyone from joining matchmaking with their team. This is likely caused by a few different things, none of which are your fault in particular. First, this could be the result of problems with the server.

The servers may have problems and this would result in your inability to join your friends in matchmaking. However, this isn’t the only potential cause. Whenever Fortnite receives an update (or is about to), it can cause a server overload and cause you to be unable to join friends. All that remains is to wait for an upgrade of their servers!

Connection problems with Fortnite

Problems with Fortnite voice chat

Problem: teammates can hear me but I can’t hear them. I can see the microphone recording but can’t hear any voice chat sounds. Can you help me solve this problem asap? Gaming without sound is frustrating.

If it’s not with servers then this is usually a problem with your audio device, not the game, try changing the default communication and playback device in the application that handles audio on your device.

Connection problems with Fortnite

Fortnite server being updated

These below are the most reported problems with Fortnite:

  • Server connection (51%)
  • Log-in (41%)
  • Website (7%)

If you want to know if it is an error concerning your device or it is the fault of the servers that often go down, follow the following link, so you take away (I hope) your thoughts!

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