The organizers of the Fortnite Live festival would be questioned by Epic Games, who used the elements of the game without any consultation.

  • The Fortnite Live Festival was held in England last weekend
  • However, the quality of the event was very low
  • Just as the organizers didn’t work with Epic either
  • Therefore, the studio has already sued them

The first official Fortnite event in the north of England was held in Norwich last weekend, but the event doesn’t seem to have been too steep. Visitors said the festival itself was extremely overpriced (for example, you had to pay to play free games), and although the organizer said he wanted to make a tradition out of it, he didn’t seem to have much of an opportunity to do so.

Recently, Epic Games sued the organizer of an event called the Fortnite Live Festival, Exciting Events. According to their statement on the matter, it is very important to them that their players have the best possible experience both online and offline, and on the other hand, although the organizers of the Fortnite Live festival have used the game to promote their event, no discussion or cooperation was held with the development studio.


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