We have an exciting week behind us, after all, Epic Games has managed to bring together the loudest bad luck in Fortnite history to date.

Obviously, the war between Epic Games and Apple and Google in recent days could not be left out of the current GameStar Hype, but there is other news on the broadcast about the gaming world and e-sports.

For example, it turned out that when the new Suicide Squad video game was unveiled, it started streaming again Shroud, Dr DisRespect and Ninja, as well as exciting rumors are raging about a revamped Mass Effect trilogy. For more details, tap the Play button and then feel free to take a look around for exclusive promotions from GameStar Hype supporter Samsung!

GameStar Hype was produced by Esport Universum. If you don’t want to miss out on the next Hype broadcast and other video content, be sure to sign up for the GameStar Hungary YouTube channel:


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