Shirts bring the “at” stamped

In an unprecedented action, a football team from the Mexican first division combined the power of the internet with the needs of an advertiser.

Jaguares de Chiapas took the players’ names off their shirts and, in exchange, adopted the nicknames used on their Twitter accounts. It is not the first time that a club has put the microblog network on the uniform, the novelty comes from the sponsorship format.

Sol beer appears on all shirts below the players’ “arrobas”. So it is, for example, “@jacksonm9 Follow @cervezaSol”.

Last month, Spain’s Valencia, for lack of sponsors, stamped his own Twitter profile on the front of the shirts. The action took place in a single match, against Barcelona.

The case of Laguares is exactly the opposite, as the shirts promote not only the players but also the sponsor.

The information is from The Next Web.

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