A free adventure game called Atma invites you to a special adventure.

  • Atma is a free indie game
  • It evokes the Hyper Light Drifter for sight, Okami and Zelda for gameplay

We would like to offer you a special and free indie game, because it was released a few days ago Throw, an action-adventure that evokes the Hyper Light Drifter in sight and Okami and Zelda in gameplay.

In the game, we can hide in Shaya’s skin: she is a protector who is meant to maintain a balance between the world of living and spiritual entities. His predecessor and love, Atma, is dead, but it turns out that he is stuck between two worlds, so Shaya embarks on a journey to collect Atma’s memories, which could even bring her back into the ranks of the living – true, it would upset the balance.

The story puts the decision in our hands, so the end result will be up to us, and as for the other features: the most interesting element of the Atma is the Mantra system, because we can fight and interact with our environment by drawing various signs.

Atma is also available on Steam or on the game’s official website.


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