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Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul review – a beautiful and great sounding bluetooth speaker

Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul review – a beautiful and great sounding bluetooth speaker

F.resh ‘n Rebel Soul is the newest baby to come from the Dutch brand. As you will see, in my opinion Soul is a milestone in speakers from Fresh. This is a loudspeaker that is definitely worth looking at when choosing a portable audio gear.

Some time ago, the Fresh ‘n Rebel conference was held, where new colors were presented, which from now on will be part of the colors defining the crab brand’s equipment.

The new colors are undoubtedly a cool thing, but for me the most important aspect of the event was the new speaker, proudly named Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul. So what distinguishes the largest representative of speakers from the manufacturer Fresh ‘n Rebel? I invite you to read.

What can we find in the sales set?

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Fresh ‘n Rebel products for several years now. The company has always focused on its own style, original image and focus on distinctive colors in which all brand products are offered.

It is no different in the case of the latest speaker representative, i.e. the hero of our today’s gathering, which is Soul. A loudspeaker with a unique design and soul that cannot help but be liked.

The sales set, or more precisely the box itself, is the same as in the previous products of the brand, very minimalist and at the same time simply elegant. Inside, apart from our hero, i.e. the Soul himself, we will find a USB-C cable and an AUX cable, which will be useful for connecting the loudspeaker to a sound source that does not have bluetooth connection – like archaism, but sometimes it saves situations.

As with other devices from Fresh, also in the case of Soul, all included accessories are kept in the same color as the speaker itself. It’s always a nice touch that completes the whole.

Design – Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul is a piece of solid device

At the outset, I mentioned that Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul is a milestone for the brand. Why? Well, it is in this device that you can feel that the whole thing is even more refined than before. I don’t mean that the devices had any manufacturing flaws before. What is it? However, in the case of the Soul speaker, you can feel that the materials used, the fit and details are at an even higher level than before. This should not surprise us, after all, it is a representative of Fresh speakers that builds the brand image.

The materials that were used to make Soul are “rubberized”, matte plastic and metallic inserts. The loudspeaker looks phenomenal due to its original shape and proportions. It’s a small work of art that actually looks even better than in the photos.

The main element that covers the speaker is a “sandwich” fabric, which is soft to the touch and looks simply amazing. What else distinguishes the loudspeaker is the multitude of color versions to choose from. This is how all the color options look like:

The device itself is not the smallest one, and its dimensions are as follows: 170 x 169 x 86 mm. The weight is 675 g – it is adequate to the components and materials the loudspeaker is made of.

On the upper part of the structure there is a place to locate the control keys. Thanks to them, we can conveniently control the audio content being played. The keys are of a large size, which definitely makes using them more pleasant. In the middle of the “play” and “next” buttons there is an LED informing about the current state of the device.

On the back edge there is a “power” key to turn on the loudspeaker, and a bluetooth key that starts pairing mode. Between the aforementioned keys, there are also usb-c and aux connectors hidden under a rubber cover.

Impressions after a few weeks of interacting with Fresh ‘n Rebel are more than just very good. This is one of the better looking speakers and one of the most original I have ever seen. It is equipment that stands out from the rest, and at the same time blends in with virtually any background. For people who value original and “designer” looking devices, this should be one of those proposals that should be taken into account.

Looks like looks, but what does Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul sound like?

I mentioned at the beginning that this is not the first device from Fresh that I had the opportunity to test. Well, it seems to me that I had the opportunity to use for a long time most of the equipment coming from the wings of the “crab” brand. Speaking of the bluetooth speakers themselves, so many of them just sounded good.

Soul is in my opinion the first loudspeaker for Fresh ‘n Rebel, which definitely stands out above the previously drawn scale. It is also a matter of the size itself, because (if I am not mistaken) it is the largest loudspeaker in the brand’s offer. Both the purity of the sound, volume, timbre and, above all, the bass are at a phenomenal level.

The loudspeaker is a truly universal portable device that will pamper the ears of both a fan of classical music and a fan of club sounds. In every aspect, Soul will be great and this is probably the greatest distinction that any loudspeaker (especially mobile) can get. After all, many loudspeakers of similar size and amount are geared towards a certain audience. The exception is Soul, which will win the heart of every fan of good music.

Exceptional “transparency” and clarity of sound is ensured by an additional tweeter, which makes the treble, simply put, clean. On the other hand, the use of a dedicated bass driver with a large size makes the equipment definitely stand out above the competition.

It is a pity that the manufacturer does not boast about the technical specification of the components used, because it would be much easier to present such equipment in writing. In this case, we only have “auditory” impressions, and these are, as I mentioned, sensational, but they are difficult to describe in words.

Summary – this equipment is definitely worth paying attention to

Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul is an extremely successful speaker. It’s hard to find issues to stick to. In the case of this device, a huge plus is the fact that the manufacturer, when designing this equipment, did not focus only on the unique design itself, but also on the sound, which is a very positive surprise. Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul will be available for purchase in the best Polish electronics stores in mid-December 2021. The price is around PLN 599 – I believe that the price is adequate to the quality offered.

Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul review – a beautiful and great sounding bluetooth speaker