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Fully automatic billing for subscriptions and digital products

Fully automatic billing for subscriptions and digital products

A new trend in e-commerce is called the “subscription economy”. Whether music streaming or car sharing – more and more online shops and providers of Software as a Service (SaaS) are providing customers with tailor-made subscription models. According to a Gartner study, more than 40 percent of all digital products were sold as a subscription in 2015. The market researchers estimate that the SaaS market generated worldwide sales of 22.1 billion US dollars in 2015. Liquid Labs, the Otto Group’s innovation laboratory, has now founded Reskribe, its own provider of subscription payment models.

The idea of ​​the subscription economy is simple: subscribers pay to use or access, not to own. You purchase products or services on a regular basis, usually unlimited at a fixed price or billed according to actual consumption. Thanks to the internet, subscriptions are easy to activate and cancel at any time these days. The subscription model is also attractive for manufacturers and retailers: They no longer sell their goods piece by piece, but build a long-term and therefore much more profitable customer relationship with each order. Customer acquisition costs are only incurred once. And: Subscriptions are less competitive. In addition, there are regular and therefore plannable payment flows as well as plenty of room for up- and cross-selling.

Integration in payment systems

Reskribe is aimed at all providers whose business model is based on a cyclical payment. As a professional partner of subscription providers, Reskribe provides the right infrastructure to automate individual and recurring invoices as well as subscriber management. All payment methods common in Germany are included in the program as well as integration into existing payment systems via an application programming interface (API) – with just a few clicks. A monthly billing is now connected without any manual effort.

Sebastian Sieber built Reskribe under the umbrella of Liquid Labs – he believes in the revolution in online trading: “Subscriptions change prices first, then products and, in the end, the providers – because it is the dealers who benefit the most.”