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Games from Game Boy and Game Boy Color will reportedly go to Switch Online

Games from Game Boy and Game Boy Color will reportedly go to Switch Online

Nintendo is rumored to bring the classic games once available on Game Boy and Game Boy Color to its Switch Online platform.

Nintendo may finally be ready to roll out its extensive library of classic Nintendo Switch games – Game Boy and Game Boy Color will soon be joining the over 100 NES and SNES games they offer via Switch Online subscription service. Such revelations are reported by the podcast “Nate the Hate”, confirmed on Tuesday by Nintendo Life, and now again on Friday by Eurogamer. We don’t hear such a strong rumor about Nintendo every day.

There’s no word on which titles might come up, and I wouldn’t necessarily expect your favorites to be among them, especially at first. Nintendo has been very slow in developing its NES and SNES libraries for Switch, and many titles such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG are still in question.

It may make sense that Nintendo will speed up the addition of classic titles, especially now that the Switch is doing well, and Nintendo is watching its competitors use next-gen remakes, remasters, and patches that make older games look better and produce better results on the switch. new consoles.

For a moment we wondered if Nintendo would continue to follow the path of NES Classic and SNES Classic, releasing adorable limited miniature USB versions of its Game Boy or Nintendo 64 with preloaded games on board. But Game Boy’s 30th anniversary has come and gone without the miniature Game Boy. I’d like to see more opportunities for new players to get acquainted with old classics, not least in terms of remakes like Link’s Awakening (originally on Game Boy, Game Boy Color).

We also hope for the Game Boy Advance titles, as people playing the new Metroid Dread deserve to play its amazing Metroid Fusion prequel, and some of the best Fire Emblem games ever made are out. Eurogamer says games from other consoles besides Game Boy and Game Boy Color may also be introduced.

Funnily enough, Nintendo made an official statement: “We have nothing to announce about this.”

Which Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are on your wish list?

Switch Online costs PLN 16 a month, PLN 80 a year or PLN 140 a year for family membership.

source: The Verge