From a gamer’s point of view, two real cannons have recently appeared on the domestic comic book palette, which can gain a serious fan base.

After several exciting series, in early 2021, Sukits also brought two titles to domestic fans that video game enthusiasts can especially enjoy. Because here, on the one hand, Blizzard’s classic space strategy, Starcraft, has a volume of Wreck Hunters (while the novels are also arriving), and on the other hand, one of the Xbox’s top exclusive, Gears of War, has got its own history. Yes, this time we are faced with the horrific massacres of the legendary E-Day, and most of all the road to them, accompanied by the ascension of General Raam.

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Gears of War: The Rise of Raam

  • Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
  • Drawn by Max Dunbar
  • Number of pages: 100
  • Price: 4990 HUF / volume (cheaper to order from the publisher)

We manage to approach the subject from a whole new angle in this not-so-thick, but all the more impressive, hardcover volume, after all, we learn about the conditions before the Day of Emergence from the Locusts ’perspective, among whom Raam is just a front commander trying to save the Underworld battle. the saveable. However, as he is at a loss in the war, he comes up with a plan that will completely subvert the hierarchical, ancient belief-driven military society: releasing the underground world (thus handing it over to the conquerors) would look for a new enemy. And this, of course, leads to the horrific massacre of E-Day, during which Raam’s armies show themselves on the surface, where the well-known warlord can strike even more birds with one stone.

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The story itself is good with the ambitious Raam, who we can see ascend as he cleverly locates in an effort to win the favor of Queen Myrrah, but what completes this exciting story is Dunbar’s drawing style. Working with brilliant settings, the creative work is like just a quality cartoon coming to life on the pages of a comic, with settings focused enough on action and characters, complete with extremely hit colors. For this reason, IDW’s four-part series is highly recommended, essentially a must-buy for comic book-loving fans of the series, but even for those who simply love good little hardcover comics, and although they haven’t met Gears of War as a video game yet, they would get to know Ra, its rise provides an excellent opportunity. With its relatively thin, rounded form, the volume gives a very demanding and quality feeling, or it is worth collecting, because after that we don’t get rid of it until the last page, it almost reads itself. You can also find cover images on the last pages, which usually look extremely good.

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Starcraft: Wreck Hunters

  • Writer: Jody Houser
  • Illustrator: Gabriel Guzmán
  • Number of pages: 100
  • Price: 4490 Ft (cheaper to order from the publisher’s side)

I’m not a huge Starcraft fan myself, but the gaming world is still downright sympathetic to what I’ve seen so far, and that’s gratifying the way novels and comics that come to the subject are coming now. The story of Dark Horse’s four-part Wreck Hunter evokes the world of Warhammer from the Space Hulk line, as joining terrant wreck hunters we can follow the adventure of a young and inexperienced engineer who, with his new “friends,” unleashes something on a deserted protoss ship that slows down with all members of the crew.

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And although Gabriel Guzmán’s drawing style after Dunbar’s work (Gears) seems a bit superficial, I wasn’t there for it as much as for the previous volume until the identities of the eighth passenger — that is, many passengers — come to light, the plot adds enough tension. The publication is ultimately a workable chapter of the universe, yet a pleasant addition to those who are fans, and can also cause a few pleasant moments for those who are there for the WH40K or Alien world. This book also brings to quality what Gears of War, with a similarly rounded shape, art at the end, at a more subdued price than usual, or whoever is a little interested in this universe, feel free to tap into it, thus expanding your knowledge of species and political regarding battles.

We still have a few Star Wars volumes coming up soon, but in the meantime, let’s not forget that there are a number of great comic book volumes coming up near Sukkits ’releases, such as Lovecraft’s work that can come to life on panels, as well as The Witcher- Stranger Things – and Starcraft lines will be expanded, and even an Overwatch HC will arrive in the near future. The offer is expanding and becoming more colorful, we are also looking forward to these titles.


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