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German Marketing Prize 2015: The application phase has started

German Marketing Prize 2015: The application phase has started

From now until April 15, companies can apply for the German Marketing Prize 2015. The decisive factor for the award of the prize is that an integrated marketing concept and the use of marketing techniques and instruments have established the company’s economic success. Holistic corporate strategies as well as specific product or brand management strategies are evaluated.

The German Marketing Prize has been the premium award since 1973 for top performance in German marketing that is also relevant across the industry. It is awarded by the German Marketing Association (DMV), the professional association of marketing management, which is also the umbrella organization of the 65 marketing clubs in Germany and Austria. The list of award winners reads like a “who’s who” of German business. The following companies have received awards over the past five years: ImmobilienScout24 (2014), Lindt Deutschland (2013), Zalando (2012), Schüco (2011), Deutsche Telekom (2010).

The criteria

The concept of the marketing service must be exemplary for consistent market orientation. It can be national, international or global, but must be related to Germany as a location. The marketing performance must also be comprehensible in its economic relevance and must not contradict the ethical and social self-image of the German Marketing Association.

The jury pays attention to the consistency and continuity in brand management by also looking at the integrated overall performance of previous years. The marketing performance along all so-called “P’s” should stand out: pricing, sales performance, marketing communication, product design. Further criteria: Marketing across all customer interaction channels – both offline and digital; systematic and recognizable / tangible results as well as their demonstrable relationship to the company’s success.

These criteria must be reflected in the documents and information to be submitted. It is therefore explicitly not about recognizing individual campaigns and their creative implementation in the sense of a creative prize.

Transparent process

The application process consists of several phases and is designed to ensure maximum transparency with regard to both the process and the criteria used for the assessment.

After companies have been asked to submit their application documents independently, further potential candidates are nominated for the long list from among the jury, the board of trustees, the advisory board, the board of directors, agencies, the marketing industry and other associations. In addition, a watch list will be created with the companies that had already applied in previous years, but from the point of view of the jury were not able to show any tangible results at this point in time.

Using a standardized questionnaire, all potential candidates are asked which services they have had in the field of marketing / sales over the past few years and why these services in particular should be recognized. On this basis, the jury carries out an online preliminary assessment. As a result of this evaluation, the top candidates will be invited to present at the jury meeting for the German Marketing Prize.

The top candidates present to the expert jury. You will be informed of the jury’s decision immediately after the presentation. All further communication and the procedure for awarding the German Marketing Prize will be discussed with the award winner. The highlight will then be the presentation of the German Marketing Prize at a gala evening on December 3, 2015 in Stuttgart.

You can find all information about the application in this brochure. The German Marketing Association provides further information here.