He started the GOG Spring Fair with huge discounts and free distribution at The Witcher Goodies Collection.

  • Today marked the start of the GOG Spring Fair
  • To delight in this, The Witcher Goodies Collection is free for a tight two days
  • Which hides game-related art albums, books, and music

Today we started the GOG spring fair, which can be interesting for us in several ways: on the one hand, it is not a classic game with a huge discount, and on the other hand, the authorities give us a very unique gift: the Witcher Goodies Collection. in the next tight two days.

The Witcher Goodies Collection is essentially a collection package that includes the world of Witcher games and various extras released for the programs, so you can find art albums, books and music in it. Redeeming the free package is also easy: all you have to do is visit The Witcher Goodies Collection GOG profile here and click the Go to giveaway button, or request the gift directly from the main page.

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