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Globus shows the goods market of the future


Globus shows the goods market of the future

The Innovative Retail Lab (IRL) at the headquarters of Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding in St. Wendel has now been awarded as a selected location in 2009. With its ideas, the IRL of the “German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence” (DFKI) and Globus SB- Warenhaus Holding one of the “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” under the patronage of the Federal President.

In the Innovative Retail Laboratory, intelligent services and interaction concepts for the shopping of the future are researched: a shopping list that coordinates with the supermarket and checks current offers; a shopping cart that navigates customers to the products they are looking for, suggests recipes and helps ensure that nothing is forgotten; a digital product magnifier that provides information about the origin, ingredients or allergens.

So that daily shopping becomes an experience, there are also virtual customer advisors, such as digital sommeliers, the computer-animated saleswoman at the interactive advertising and information kiosk or the intelligent changing room. At the Easy Checkout, the entire content in the trolley is billed without the goods having to be relocated. You can pay with the instrumented car key.

After the purchase, an intelligent cool box ensures that the goods arrive at home well chilled in the intelligent refrigerator. In instrumented, networked home and market areas equipped with sensors, new forms of interaction with customers and intelligent logistics for the merchant are tested realistically, linked to real department store data and processes and in direct cooperation with practitioners.