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GN Summer School: How do I write a review based on a trailer?

GN Summer School: How do I write a review based on a trailer?

GamersNET is made up of people who share a passion, namely games. But everyone in the editorial team also has their own specialty. In the GN Summer School, these editors give quick courses about their trade, hobby or work. Ideal for learning something useful during the summer holidays. Although we all suddenly have a lot of free time, that is not always the case. That’s why Leon Stougie teaches you how to write a review by watching just one trailer.

As an editor at GamersNET you mainly do two things. You write news stories and sometimes you get to review games. Writing a review takes a lot of time, first of all you have to play the game for quite some time before you can make a good judgment and in addition, a large piece of text has to be written. Now, of course, we don’t always feel like it. Most of the games that you receive are not worth a look and nothing is more convenient than simply writing a review based on a small piece of footage of the game in question, which is affectionately known in the game industry as “the trailer”. called. You can learn the basics of these exceptionally advanced review techniques with the patented step-by-step plan below.

Step 1: Find a suitable trailer

For a proper review, it is very important that you use a suitable trailer. In any case, your review will not reach super high heights, but if you do not do this, your review is already doomed to failure. The trailer must contain gameplay, otherwise writing a review will become a chore, something a self-respecting editor should avoid at all times. The video you see below from The Last of Us is the perfect basis; you get a good impression of the gameplay of the game.

The trailer for Total War: Rome II below is of course beautiful. However, don’t let this guide you! He is not suitable at all. How does the game work? Has it improved from the previous part? We are still in the dark about this after watching this trailer. In fact, this material is even too thin to write a preview about it!

Step 2: Watch the trailer intensively

This step is, of course, only logical. After you have found a suitable trailer, you will have to analyze it well. Make sure you do this with your full concentration, distraction is disastrous. If you have enough time for the review, it may be wise to pause the trailer every now and then to inspect the HUD, for example. In this way you can gather extra information about the gameplay, for example you can see a menu for special attacks. If you hadn’t paused, you might have overlooked this.

Step 3: Tell a nice story

The most important thing has already happened, by watching the trailer we know how the game works. With this knowledge, writing a review is a breeze. Write an introductory paragraph first, this can be about anything, no matter how silly it is. Writing about mothers-in-law or hemorrhoids always works well, but a simple history lesson also scores quickly. Then you make a paragraph about the story, something you can also copy directly from your chosen trailer, another paragraph or two about the gameplay, after which you name a few negatives. Can you really not discover any downsides in the trailer? Then choose something from the following list:

In any case, it is much easier to sprinkle with subjective judgments, because nobody can blame you. So perfect! If you are more creative and want to come up with something yourself, that is of course no problem. Finally, summarize everything in the conclusion and your story is finished. Although you now have a solid review, you may not be satisfied with it yet. Especially for those there is the next step.

Step 4: Advanced only

Pay attention! This step is only for the advanced; the people who have mastered the techniques of reviewing on the basis of trailers. If the deadline for a review is near, it is wise to skip this step so that you can save more time! For those who think they are good enough to follow through on this step, there are two points that could be improved on the review. First of all, it may be advisable to watch a second trailer of the game to be reviewed. This allows you to view the game from a different angle, so that you can bring some more variety in your review.

The second point has to do with the graphics of games. Although this is a point of concern for many, it has not yet been discussed in this step-by-step plan. It can therefore be difficult to judge the graphic qualities of a game on the basis of a review. If you want to do this anyway, make sure you find a high-quality (1080p) trailer. With such a trailer you can assume that the image is truthful. Trailers with lower resolutions can unfortunately not be assessed in terms of graphics. If you do this, you will of course immediately fall into the trap and in that case you will immediately lose the trust of your readers, the nightmare of every trailer reviewer.

Step 5: Stick a number on it

We are almost done with the review! However, a review is not complete without a rating. Fortunately, we are also saved a lot of effort here, thanks to the website Metacritic. This site collects the numbers of many reviews and then shows the average. Of course we do not directly copy this average figure, that would be very lazy! Instead, give a half point higher or lower. This is of course done after careful consideration. Are you a fan of the series? Or does the trailer just look really good? Then you can give an extra half point with confidence. Was it just a bad trailer? In that case you will of course give a half point lower. If you’re chained to an embargo date and your review has to come online at the same time as the reviews of others, who of course pretend just as hard as you do as if they don’t trailer review, then it’s advisable to simply put the same number on your game. paste as the predecessor got at the time.

Follow these steps strictly and you’ve written a perfect review. No one will find out that you’ve been really lazy reviewing that game, because every element of a great review is in your article! So what are you waiting for? Find a suitable trailer and write that review!

Disclaimer: Of course we at GamersNET only write a review after we have played a game enough to be able to make a careful judgment. This column is obviously written with a satirical approach.