On the TUDUM website from Netflix you will get to know the backstage of your favorite series and movies available on the site!

In the fall, Netflix organized TUDUM – the world’s first fan event, which was met with a very enthusiastic reception. Now, Netflix has launched an official Tudum website where you can find more information about your favorite stories.

This is just the beginning! See what Netflix plans to share on Tudum in the future:

  • Trivia behind the scenes: Will there be another season of “You”? When will you be able to watch the fourth season of Cobra Kai? We will publish the latest information here.
  • Additional information: Was “The Cleaner” based on a true story? What is kefta in the TV series “Shadow and Bone”? Where else can you see the cast of “The Witcher”? The stories don’t have to end when the credits appear on the screen.
  • Further life of history: Where can I buy a tracksuit from “Squid Game”? What songs are on the soundtrack of “Revenge of the Gunslinger”? How to make an “Outer Banks” necklace? You can bring your favorite stories to life with helpful tips, tricks, and lists.

In the 90s, pop culture meant watching John Elway and the Denver Broncos, wearing acid-washed jeans, and listening to Paula Abdul and Tupac. Today, Netflix is ​​part of the cultural spirit of the times. Find out more about your favorite stories on the Tudum website.

Please visit: netflix.com/tudum for personalized information, log into Tudum using your Netflix profile credentials.

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source: Netflix Polska


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