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Google Photos evolves with interesting news

Google Photos evolves with interesting news

Continuing with the celebration of the Google I / O 2017, we find a change in direction where the company managers have begun to talk to us about Google Photos, a service that has been in production since 2015 and that, despite this short space of time, already accumulates no less than 500 million users, making it, always according to Google, one of the platforms most loved by the public.

Due to this, a large part of the efforts have been destined to continue developing its full potential, in this case adding, for example, certain proprietary technologies such as Machine Vision, a tool capable of remove objects from any photo to be able to show and get that shot that the user wanted at the time of taking the picture. As an example, personally I have found it quite spectacular, they have put a photograph of a boy trying to hit a baseball that, behind him, had a fence. Machine Vision is able to remove the grate without leaving any mark.

Google Photos is updated with interesting news.

Another example of the great power that Google has managed to give Google Photos is found in how now the application, just by selecting a photo or a group of them, is capable of suggest the users with whom we may want to share it thanks to its new facial image recognition engine. If we go a little further, thanks to the Shared Libraries function, you can even share photos completely automatically with an authorized person.

Continuing with the news present in Google Photos, highlight the arrival of the smart albums Enhanced ones capable not only of grouping images by location or by date, but also by their quality or by the mere fact that they are not duplicated. In this sense, once the photos have been ordered, in case you want to print them, you can make use of the ‘Photo Books’ service through which you will receive at home any photo with high print quality, available for $ 9.99.

Finally and how could it be otherwise, Google Photos is fully integrated with Google Lens so that you can take a specific photo, in the example used a phone number has been taken, and the device will allow you to call without having to do anything else.