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  5. GTA Online will win a Franklin-focused DLC, years after GTA 5

GTA Online will win a Franklin-focused DLC, years after GTA 5

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GTA Online will win a Franklin-focused DLC, years after GTA 5

Visib was born to change the way brands relate to their audiences

The name Visib comes from visibility, visibility, visibility, visibilité, visibilità. No matter the language in which the word is pronounced or written, the idea behind it is, always, to make it more visible, to highlight it, to make something better perceived. And it is with this objective that the Brazilian executive Arthur Gonoretzky developed Visib, a new proposal that unites social network and social commerce, in which users use photos and videos to offer products and services, and relate directly to their target audience. In addition to being available in Brazil, the initiative is ready for operation in other countries, with versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Anyone, or any business, can use Visib to advertise, buy, sell, participate in interest groups and socialize. “We developed a search system where all content can be found in a simple and intuitive way, by keyword, category or type of action, including the geo-location service, which quickly displays offers close to wherever you are”, emphasizes Gonoretzky.

Both videos and photos can be captured directly from the webcam, or by uploading files that already exist on the computer. Furthermore, Visib can be integrated with all other social networks and blogs.

“The internet is the fastest growing medium in the world, but there is still a huge challenge on how to advertise and expose yourself efficiently. You can advertise on websites or social networks where your ads are lost, or provide a new experience in relating to your target audience, in a more collaborative and less ‘cold’ way than text format ads, which go far beyond ‘ ‘Like’ on social networks”, he explains.

From the next two months, Visib will also have applications for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android System. These versions will have exclusive features and facilities, which will contribute to the publication of an advertisement, either photo or video.