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GWA Effie Awards 2018: winners for the bronze trophies have been announced

GWA Effie Awards 2018: winners for the bronze trophies have been announced

At this year’s GWA Effie Awards, a total of eight submissions will be awarded a bronze Effie. While two works qualified in the “Brand Experience” category, all other bronze winners come from different categories.

The Jung von Matt agency and its client Netto Marken-Discount will receive two Effie bronze trophies this year. On the one hand for the activation campaign “’Then go to Netto’ – an appeal that activates people and brands” and for “The Easter Surprise – Netto writes history at Easter” in the “Content Hero” category. Leagas Delaney and Kerrygold were awarded bronze in the “Brand Campaign” category for “Talking Farmer”. In addition, the “Career Advice via WhatsApp” by Kolle Rebbe and the Federal Employment Agency from the “Brand Experience” category was one of the bronze winners.

The “Comeback with Radiance” by MediaCom and high C as well as the “Walk for Life – Fashion Trend 2017” by AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt and McCANN in the “Doing Good” category were also awarded bronze. One entry each could qualify for bronze at a GWA B2B Effie or the GWA Health Effie, both of which were awarded for the first time this year. Saatchi & Saatchi and Telekom Deutschland won bronze at the B2B Effie for the “Digital Derby” in the Brand Experience category. The introductory campaign “Embrace the Challenge. Embrace Human Nature ”by Scholz & Friends and Siemens Healthineers won bronze at the GWA Health Effie.

For the first time, three main juries, each with a non-voting double head of company and agency experts, examined all finalists and determined the winners. This year, Heiko Klauer, Chief Marketing Officer IKEA Germany, and Larissa Pohl chaired the GWA Effie in the B2C area. The main jury at GWA B2B Effie included Claudia Poitzsch, Director Corporate Branding at Schaeffler Technologies, and GWA board member Jörg Dambacher from the RTS Rieger Team agency. At GWA Health Effie, Sophie Gaedtke from Aristo Pharma and GWA board member Wolfgang Pachali from WEFRA were the jury chairmen.

Gold winners will be announced in November

All winners will be honored at the GWA Effie Gala on November 8, 2018 in Frankfurt. This year’s gold winners will give detailed insights into the excellent communication measures at the GWA Effie Congress 2018 during the day on November 8th in the Westhafen Pier Frankfurt and will compete for the Grand Effie, which will be awarded by a grand jury on the same day.