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helloFIBRA begins to deploy up to 1 Gbps in ten locations

helloFIBRA begins to deploy up to 1 Gbps in ten locations

Local operators have a lot to say in the deployment of fiber optics in Spain. In fact, they are the best option for small towns in Spain where fiber optics has not yet arrived, or where it will still take a few years to arrive. One of these local operators is hello FIBER.

helloFIBRA: an operator for medium and small population centers

Last October we collected creating helloFIBRA through the merger of a few companies (holaMOBI, Telefonía Global and Grupo Avant-Codetic), and that it was going to have as its main deployment area those where there was hardly any high-speed fiber coverage (75% of medium-sized urban centers and small ones do not have a large fiber deployment, or even do not have any type of cabling)

Now, this operator has begun to deploy new fiber optic networks in ten locations, in addition to those they already had with their franchise model. In their offer they are able to offer up to 1 Gbps of symmetric connection speed. The objective of holaFIBRA is to offer FTTH in medium and small population centers that do not have an adequate fiber network, and help reduce the digital divide that these localities suffer from the large population centers.

In addition to having already started the deployment in 10 locations, the operator expects in the coming months to also start the deployment in another 40 locations. The model has caught the attention of many town halls, given that hello FIBER employs local labor and they market the product in own population, so it is a double benefit for the economy and employment of the area.

Among the areas where the fiber network has begun to be deployed are localities located in the Valencian Community (Alicante, Valencia, etc.), Catalonia (Barcelona, ​​Tarragona), the Madrid’s community and Andalusia (mainly Malaga). In addition to the initial 10 and the 40 planned, holaFIBRA has audited 300 locations where the deployment can begin.

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100, 300, and 500 Mbps Symmetric Fiber Offerings

The operator has a wide variety of commercial offerings, including fiber, television, mobile and fixed. In FTTH there are mainly 10 modalities of 100, 300 and 500 Mbps symmetric FTTH, including all 195 television channels, to which you can add various football options, including La Liga and La Champions for 5 euros more per month.

Among the combined offers they offer, one of the most demanded is the so-called AG39, which includes symmetric fiber of 300 Mbps, fixed, mobile with 1.3 GB and 100 minutes of calls, television with 195 channels, in addition to La Liga and the Copa del Rey with BeIN Sports for a total of 39 euros per month (47 with VAT).

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