Sony has just wrapped up their “The Future of Gaming Show”, and while the PlayStation design is a sight to me, there have also been many impressive games on display. I mean awesome like Spider-Man, Horizon, Gran Turismo 7. Yes, and all of these games look absolutely epic in the cutscenes. Additionally, Sony has taken the right step in showing much greater gameplay than Microsoft has done for Xbox. Anyway, here are the games coming to PlayStation 5.

1. Horizon Forbidden West

Eventually unveiled for obvious reasons, Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story from Horizon Zero Dawn. Fans of the game (myself included) were hoping for a following soon and that’s it! By the way, it looks spectacular and almost convinced me myself to buy the PS5 when it launches in Italy. So yes. Here is my review.

2. Spider-Man Miles Morales

The sleepless games also showed the sequel to his awesome Spider-Man game. This time, we will have the opportunity to go around the city of New York thanks to Miles Morales who will be wearing the iconic suit. The gameplay, as expected, looks great. What’s even more exciting is that the game will be out in 2020, which means it’s probably one of the titles for the PlayStation 5 launch!

3. Gran Turismo 7

Well, as excited as I was about Horizon and Spider-Man, there’s no denying that Gran Turismo 7 was by far the most realistic looking game today. Everything in the GT7 was impressive. Lighting, reflections, sounds and background music. Even the gear changes felt real. Noteworthy.

4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

I’ve played Ratchet & Clank long enough to understand just how fun this new game is. Rift Apart brings all the action and fun dialogue from Ratchet & Clank and fuses it with a whole new concept of dimensional fracture. The gameplay certainly looked fun, if a little chaotic.

5. Destruction Allstars

Speaking of chaos, the footage for this game was so insane that I could barely keep up with what was going on. Partly because it’s 3am, and partly because the soundtrack was so amazing that it completely distracted me from the game. The concept is basically based on the line of car fighting with some really impressive crash effects.

6. Stray

I didn’t really understand this game, but does it seem like the cat is the main protagonist of the game? It’s set in a pretty dark environment, with robots and all. It might be interesting, but it’s not my cup of tea.

7. Oddworld Soulstorm

Oddworld Soulstorm launched as a game where even failure is devastatingly hilarious. I haven’t seen that part in the gameplay, but it looks quite fun. One of the few platform-like games I’ve seen recently that makes me want to play it. Oh, that too has had some chaotic moments.

8. Hitman 3

Hitman 3 was also put on display and apparently it will be intense. I played Hitman 2, but didn’t like it very much. Hitman 3, however, feels more intense than before, so I might like this one. Maybe. The game will take you, Agent 47, to exotic locations, including, at one point, the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

9. NBA 2K21

Basketball fans, you will love this one. NBA 2K21 has been unveiled, and from its looks, you can expect impressive graphics and finer details. The dunks and layups shown in the video looked incredible. So the sounds. I don’t play in the NBA, but I could actually play a few games.

10. Deathloop

One of the games I’ve never heard of, Deathloop sounds really cool. In the game you are stuck in a time cycle where every time you die, your day restarts and you always have to murder the same people. There are a lot of challenges and apparently every day you learn something new to have another chance when you try again. It has beautiful graphics, impressive dialogues, and more.

11. Resident Evil VIII

Resident Evil VIII was also unveiled, and as you might expect, it’s filled with fears, weird creatures that will kill you, and other horrors that I prefer not to see on my TV. The game will arrive in 2021, by the way, if you are a fan you have to have some patience.

12. Pragmatic

Another interesting game, Pragmata seems to be set in a holographic world that is breaking apart as a satellite passes through it. Next, you find yourself on the moon, looking at the Earth, hoping for freedom. From what? I do not know. What is my biggest concern is the little girl you saved, who is on the moon without a spacesuit; and somehow, still alive.

Many more games are coming to PlayStation 5

These were just 12 of my favorite games shown today. Many games will be launched for the PlayStation 5. Some of the other titles shown today include Project Athenia, Sackboy, Demon’s Souls, Bugsnax, Little Devil Inside, Astro’s Playroom, Solar Ash, Godfall, and others. So which games do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


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