A few days ago we told you about Heroes Reborn, a reboot of the famous television series that largely takes up the idea of ​​the Marvel mutants (just to give an example Ed) which will take place immediately after the events of Heroes and which will see new protagonists flanked by the most famous faces of the previous series.

Heroes Reborn will have two video games in tow, Heroes Reborn Gemini And Heroes Reborn Enigma. The first will be dedicated to PC And Console while the second will instead be addressed to smartphone And Tablet.

The two games will be developed by Phosphor Games, already known in the mobile gaming landscape for titles such as Dark Meadow, Horn and some tie-in, with the help ofUnreal Engine 4 and the first trailer released right now looks truly spectacular. Apparently it will be a game between a action it’s a brain teaser featuring a first-person view.

  • Heroes Reborn Gemini / Enigma – Official site

Unfortunately, however, it is not clear from the proposed video if it is both versions Heroes Reborn or if only the variant dedicated to PC and Console is shown. However, the following consideration must be made: already a game like Dark Meadow, released a couple of years ago, was quite surprising on a graphic level and it would not be surprising that much if the guys of Phosphor Games had managed to produce a attractive title driven precisely by Unreal Engine 4 also for mobile devices.

Trailer Heroes Reborn Gemini / Enigma

Trailer Heroes Reborn TV Series


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