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High customer data quality supports customer loyalty


High customer data quality supports customer loyalty

The competition among energy suppliers is getting tougher. According to the results of the “CRM at Energy Suppliers” study by Global Group AG, a full-service provider for holistic prospect and customer management, more than 50 percent of the 1000 consumers surveyed have already been addressed by competing providers. According to this, more than 15 percent plan to change their provider or their tariff.

This makes customer communication all the more important, on the basis of which an optimal tariff model and efficient customer loyalty can take place. To do this, energy providers would have to rethink their CRM concepts and put the quality of their customer databases back at the center of their business processes. “In addition to observing macroeconomic factors, customer dialog is the only way to ensure a long-term match between supply and demand,” explains Frank Meier-Gerßler, Chief Operating Officer, Global Group Dialog Solutions AG.

For this, companies would have to rely on the right communication measures. In addition to insights into existing customer management, the study also provides recommendations for action for companies in the energy sector with regard to their CRM measures. In contrast to related surveys, this time 50 energy suppliers were also surveyed. By evaluating the results, new concepts for optimal customer loyalty are to be developed.