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Higher expenses especially for online advertising

Higher expenses especially for online advertising

Specialized media houses, agencies and advertising companies agree: The expenses for business-to-business (B-to-B) advertising will increase significantly this year. The slight upward trend that was already announced in 2010 will therefore intensify significantly in 2011. This emerges from the new edition of the study “Werbetrend 2011”, which the German trade press has now published.

For the study, the market research company TNS Emnid interviewed 235 marketing and media decision-makers in companies and agencies as well as advertising managers in specialist publishers on the development of advertising expenditure as well as planning and booking behavior in B-to-B advertising on behalf of the German specialist press. Around two thirds of the specialist publishers, companies and agencies surveyed assume that advertising expenditure will increase slightly or significantly in 2011. In the previous year, only around a third of those surveyed forecast an increase in advertising spending. “For specialist publishers, the results of the advertising trend study are a strong signal that their products are valued,” says Karl-Heinz Bonny, spokesman for the German trade press. Specialized media are the preferred source of information for executives and are therefore highly attractive as a communication platform for companies.

In the media mix of B-to-B advertising, online advertising will benefit most from rising budgets, predicts the “2011 advertising trend”. The agencies are the drivers of this development: 87 percent of the agency representatives are relying on increasing advertising expenditure for B-to-B communication on the Internet. In contrast, the advertising companies were much more cautious. Here 45 percent are of the opinion that investments in online advertising will increase. The companies wanted to be more active, especially in the area of ​​social media: 39 percent planned to invest in social media networks in the next twelve months. In the media mix of B-to-B advertising, interest in mobile media is also growing. 29 percent of the companies and 67 percent of the agencies wanted to invest more money here.

According to the study, the planned expenditures for trade fairs and events in B-to-B communication remain consistently at a high level: 93 percent of the companies and 77 percent of the agencies assume stable or growing expenditures. A trend reversal is expected in the current year for the area of ​​print advertisements in specialist media, which recorded a decline in the previous year: 21 percent of advertising companies expect advertising spending to grow in this segment, 65 percent expect advertising expenses to remain constant. Another result: around 50 percent of the specialist publishers and agencies surveyed expect that B-to-B advertising will increasingly be booked at short notice. The companies disagree: only 32 percent of those questioned assume this development, a further third observed instead that booking behavior has barely changed.