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Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

This month, one of the most prominent metroidvania games of recent years can be bagged for free by PS Plus. Subscribers.

We have mentioned many times that one of the biggest winners in the flourishing of indie game development was the metroidvania genre, as these smaller-scale independent developments extended much more boldly to sequential action platformers. And while there are obviously quite a few forgettable creations, Hollow Knight is definitely one of those celebrated as a man by genre lovers.

The world of Hallownest is inhabited by a diverse population of beetles, but we can hardly say that the kingdom is flourishing, for dark decay has pushed this region into the abyss. So it is up to us to venture underground, discovering a huge, cross-stitched cave system full of secrets and dangers that holds dozens of hours of play without exaggeration.

As is customary in similar games, everything is about development, because by defeating the main opponents and discovering ancient relics, we can gain new forces that allow us to get to parts of the track that we did not know before. In addition, we can acquire other special abilities: these are mainly helpful during fights, which of course also pose an increasing challenge.

Hollow Knight is not only outstanding in its structure and management, and in preserving the classic values ​​of the genre, but also in terms of its visual world, as we can adventure in a hand-drawn milieu with a fantastic atmosphere. The animation of the diverse and adorable characters is also brilliant, and the atmosphere of the sometimes lovely, sometimes sinister, and especially creepy landscapes is raised to an even more powerful level by the excellent music.

Hollow Knight has expanded with a lot of extra content over the years, so PS Plus subscribers will now receive a package at the end of 2020 that is not only outstanding in terms of gaming experience, but also in terms of the amount of content. A must-have game for anyone who loves side-view action platformers!

(Hollow Knight will be available for free to PS Plus subscribers from November 3.)