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How much is a tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro?


How much is a tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro?

Apple’s flagship for the next year is definitely not a cheap device. The amount of its purchase still exceeds the capabilities of many who are interested in it. This means that in the event of a potential failure, the smartphone will not be too cheap to repair. What if it was secured in a simple, effective and cheap way?

A cracked screen is a nightmare of many users

INmodern smartphones have many advantages. These are multimedia devices with excellent sound quality and cameras that can take surprisingly good photos, both during the day and at night. It is also difficult to pass by the extensive communication facilities or hundreds of interesting applications that can improve our functioning during the day.

Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, it is difficult to say that modern smartphones are durable devices, resistant to mechanical damage. According to DukGear data, we break screens on average in the first three months of using the phone. 32% of the “spiders” on the screen are caused by simply sliding the device out of the pocket.

It is hardly surprising to people who do everything possible to increase the durability of their devices as much as possible. More and more people are turning to the Polish manufacturer of tempered glasses for the iPhone 12 Pro – 3mk.pl. The company has been operating on the market for over 15 years and during this time it has managed to develop a number of its own patents and solutions, thanks to which the manufacturer is today one of the tycoons in this market segment.

iPhone 12 Pro, or a flagship as you look

The producer opted for an evolution rather than a revolution that was surprising with its scale. At first glance, it is difficult to notice the big differences between the 11 Pro and the latest version of the smartphone. The screen has a diagonal of 6.1 inches and still surprises with a large note, where there are biometric sensors.

However, it is much more interesting under the casing. We have an extremely efficient processor, Apple A14 Bionic, as well as a dedicated 5G connectivity module that provides transfers of up to 3.5 Gbit per second. The manufacturer has finally also increased the amount of memory for files in the basic version. It has grown twice – from 64 to 128 GB. The amount of RAM has also been increased. The phone currently offers 6 GB.

The icing on the cake is, of course, a triple camera located on a characteristic island. Each of the three meshes has a 12 Mpix matrix. In turn, it is a standard camera module, a wide-angle module and a telephoto lens. The company from Cupertino also took care of high quality in the night photo mode.

The iPhone 12 Pro debuted with iOS 14. Currently, the latest firmware version is iOS 14.3. An innovation introduced by Apple are widgets. Thanks to them, navigation on the home screen is even simpler and much more intuitive.

How much does screen security cost on the iPhone 12 Pro?

Replacing a damaged screen in this phone is not cheap. Its cost very often exceeds PLN 1,300, which may be prohibitive for many people. You can hope that thanks to the proprietary Apple Ceramic Shield technology, the display will turn out to be durable, but will we trust this technology one hundred percent? Doubtful.

Good quality tempered glass from the store 3mk.pl costs no more than PLN 99. The manufacturer also offers two cheaper varieties of this product. The cheapest one will reduce your wallet by PLN 25. This is just a fraction of the amount we would have spent on a complete screen replacement that would have caught the “spider” on the screen. Looking at the difference between these amounts, the choice seems obvious.