Have you just bought an Xbox 360 or Xbox One and would like information on how Xbox Live works? No problem, I’m here to help you if you want.

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s online platform that allows users to have their own gaming identity, to purchase digital content from the Xbox marketplace (games, movies, TV series, etc.) and to play titles in online multiplayer mode. You can use it for free (just have a Microsoft account) but to access all the services offered by the platform, including the possibility of playing in online multiplayer mode, you need to subscribe for a subscription equal to 6.99 euros / month, 19.99 euros every three months or 59.99 euros / year. Read on to learn more.

Note: I used an Xbox 360 to make the tutorial, but don’t worry: the procedure to follow is almost the same on Xbox One as well. Whichever model of console you have purchased, therefore, take five minutes of free time and find out how to connect to Xbox Live thanks to the information I’m about to give you. I assure you that this is a very simple operation and that there are a lot of interesting games and content waiting for you!

How to connect Xbox to the Internet

The first step you need to take is to connect your Xbox to the Internet by accessing a Wi-Fi network or by connecting the console to a modem / router via an Ethernet cable. Here are the steps to follow on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Xbox 360

  • Go to the tab Settings of the initial console menu;
  • Select the icon System;
  • Go up Network settings;
  • Select the Wifi connection you want to connect to, type the access key to the latter and press the button Start on the Xbox controller to confirm. If you connected the console to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, select the entry for wired network instead of Wi-Fi connection;
  • Answers Yup the warning that appears on the screen and wait for the connection test to be carried out (during which the wireless network, Internet connection and access to Xbox Live are checked);
  • At the end of the test, if everything went well, you may be asked to update the console software. Accept and wait patiently for the procedure to be completed.

Xbox One

  • Swipe the screen left Home of your Xbox and go to the menu Settings;
  • Move up All Settings> Network and select the item Network settings from the screen that opens;
  • Choose to set up a wireless network, select the name of yours WIFI network from the menu that opens and type the key to access the latter. Then go up Test Network Connection and wait for the connection to be verified. If you have connected the console to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, directly select the item relating to the connection test;
  • At the end of the test, if everything went correctly, you may be asked to update the console software. Accept and wait for the procedure to be completed.

How to sign in to Xbox Live

Once you’ve connected your Xbox to the internet, you’re ready to find out how to connect to Xbox Live. Then go to the section Social from the Xbox 360 menu, choose the item Sign in or sign out from the latter and select the option for create a new profile.

If you’re on Xbox One, swipe left on the screen Home console, select the option Add and manage from the bar that appears on the side and presses the icon Add new to start creating a new user profile.

At this point, create your player account by choosing the name and avatar to use for the latter, press the button Save and exit and turn your personal profile into a gamertag – an online account for use on Xbox Live. To do this, go back to the menu Social of your Xbox 360 or in the menu Add and manage of your Xbox One, select the profile you created just now and select the Xbox Live item (eg. Enter the fun on Xbox 360).

In the screen that opens, you need to decide if connect to Xbox Live by creating a new Microsoft account or if log into to the service using an existing Microsoft account. Then type the first name you want to use on Xbox Live, your email and the password you want to use to access the service (to be typed twice consecutively).

When done, set a Security Question to use to recover your Xbox Live password in case of need, provide yours date of birth and confirm the creation of your account by accepting the conditions of use of the service.

Xbox Live Gold

Mission accomplished … or almost! You are now connected to Xbox Live but cannot take advantage of all the platform’s services as you have not activated it Xbox Live Gold, the Xbox Live paid plan that gives access to the online multiplayer mode of all games (the free-to-play ones can also be played without a subscription) and allows you to obtain special discounts on the purchase of various titles in digital version.

To access Xbox Live Gold, you need to go to your management page account (in the menu Settings of Xbox 360 or that home Xbox One), you must select the appropriate item from the screen that opens and you must provide a valid payment method: credit card or PayPal. For more information on this, consult the Microsoft website.


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