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How to control and reduce the use of your browser’s RAM memory

How to control and reduce the use of your browser’s RAM memory

It is a very common practice to have a large number of tabs open at the same time in the browser, since it makes it easy for us to always have a specific web site or service at hand or different pages that contain certain information of interest to us. However, this may cause that under certain circumstances the browser becomes slow or even crashes and we have to end the process manually.

Although Google Chrome It is the most used browser in the world, it is also one of the most criticized in terms of RAM memory management and consumption that it performs, something that can be a problem for any user, but especially for those who go a little bit more RAM in their computers. But whether we use Google Chrome or any other modern browser, it is difficult to control the consumption of RAM of each of them or even reduce it to avoid all these kinds of problems while browsing.

Therefore, we are going to show below a tool that will help us precisely with this, reduce browser RAM consumption To avoid reaching situations in which the PC becomes slow, the use of the browser or even the entire computer is blocked. The software we are referring to is called All Browsers Memory and it is an application that we can get completely free of charge to monitor the consumption of RAM memory of almost any browserr that we use on the computer, since it is compatible with more than 40 different browsers.

In addition, it is a tool very easy to use, since it does not require complicated configurations or anything like that, just by installing and running it, we can know the use of RAM that our browser is doing and proceed to reduce its consumption before it is too late.

To do this, we simply have to go to this link, download All Browsers Memory, unzip it and launch the executable. It is important to bear in mind that we must run the tool as administrator, otherwise it will return a permissions error. Once we have the tool open, we will see how it has a really simple interface, we just have to display the list of browsers, select the one we are using and indicate the amount of RAM that we want it to consume.

Keep in mind that for a correct RAM memory management of our equipment, we must adjust the maximum memory use of our browser first of all, since if we assign a maximum amount that turns out to be less than what it needs to function correctly, this would load the CPU with work. Therefore, a balance must be sought so that everything works correctly.

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