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How to customize the appearance and functions of the Apple Watch

How to customize the appearance and functions of the Apple Watch

We will be able to customize both the design of the Apple Watch dial and its functions

Although it’s been a few months since that memorable September 9 keynote in which Apple unveiled its Apple Watch, the guys at Cult of Mac bring us a video testing the apple watch in first person. Although most of the videos appeared a few hours after the end of the keynote by the various guest media, it seems that they have been reserving the latter while trying to improve the sound quality.

Curiously, this Hands On is one of the most interesting we have seen, since the medium has been one of the lucky few to be able to use a 100% operational model. The first thing they show us is the menu where we have our favorite contacts located, a menu that we quickly access by pressing the pill-shaped button on the side of the Apple Watch.

Once here we can use the Digital Crown to zoom out or zoom in and thus select one of our contacts with more precision. Then, we can initiate a phone call, send you a text message or make use of the possibilities of Digital Touch, a completely new way of communicating with our friends and family.

However, what is really interesting about this video is that it shows us how we can customize both the appearance and functions of your device’s dial or watchface. Applying pressure on the dial -because we remember that the Apple Watch distinguishes between pressure and a simple press- we will access a menu in which we can establish a different design or customize the one we already have.

The customization options are very wide: color of the hand, design of the numbers, etc …

Once we click on “customize”, we can choose different elements that make up the watchface to customize them to our liking. For instance, rotating the Digital Crown we can choose the color of the hand we want. By sliding your finger to the left we access a new element of the sphere: the dial with the numbers. Here we can add or remove numbers depending on how minimalist we want our Apple Watch.

Finally, they have also taught us how easy it is to access the Glances just by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen. Here we will have different cards with basic information about the weather, our physical activity, calendar, among others.

What do you think? Do you already have more desire to have the Apple Watch on your wrist?