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How to delete your Yahoo!

How to delete your Yahoo!

IPhone owners have many options when it comes to free email services. Yahoo! has been around for a long time and, until recently, a Yahoo! an account was required to participate in the Flickr photo sharing site. For anyone who has deleted their Flickr account or rarely uses Yahoo Mail, there is an easy way to permanently delete their Yahoo! profile.

Before continuing, you know that by deleting your Yahoo! The account will remove access to Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Flickr and all other Yahoo services. To delete your Yahoo! account must access a web browser and have your Yahoo! login credentials.

Make sure to cancel Yahoo Mail Pro, Flickr Pro, or any other Yahoo! subscriptions, as removing the account will not stop automatic payments. To delete your Yahoo! follow these steps:

    • In a web browser, go to Yahoo! Delete my account page
    • If prompted, enter your Yahoo! Username and password
    • Read the warning and click the Continue button by deleting my account
    • Enter the email address associated with your Yahoo! bill
    • Click the Yes button, cancel this account

Your Yahoo! personal and account data will be deleted within 180 days, except for Yahoo Finance Premium data, which can be saved to Yahoo! servers up to three years.