Just a few days ago you bought a new one Philips Smart TV and, after installing and turning it on, you have the irrepressible desire to slowly discover all its features, in order to be able to take full advantage of them. As you probably already know, one of the strengths of Smart TVs in general are the applications: thanks to dedicated stores, such as the very famous one Google Play, each of these devices can be enriched with apps that meet many needs, from streaming to organizing content, passing through games and personal diaries.

Philips, on its televisions, already installs the best known and used apps as “standard”, such as Netflix, YouTube, Kodi and Amazon Prime Video but, as you can imagine, the apps that can be added and exploited through these devices are really many and suitable for dozens of different scenarios. I bet you are here just to understand how to download apps on Philips Smart TV and, in this case, I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time: in fact, below I will explain how to reach your goal with a few clicks of the remote control, also showing you (if you have not already done so) how to connect the TV to the Internet.

Before proceeding I want to make you a clarification: the most recent Philips Smart TVs are equipped with Android TV, the Google operating system dedicated to televisions, while the slightly less modern ones have an operating system owner, that is, designed by Philips itself and present only on its TVs. Don’t be scared, you don’t have to be knowledgeable on the subject nor worry if you have an operating system instead of another: below I will explain how to proceed in both cases. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good reading and, above all, a good download!


  • Configure Internet access
  • Download apps to Philips Smart TV

Configure Internet access

Since you intend to download apps to your Philips Smart TV using the Network, you must first make sure that the TV itself is connected to Internet: if you have already completed this step you can safely skip to the next chapter, otherwise, depending on the type of connection you want to set up (with or without wire), retrieve a cable Ethernet (and immediately connect it to both the modem and the TV) or the password of yours Wifi, read my tips carefully, and I guarantee you that in a few minutes your TV will be ready for app download.

Android TV

Android TV it is practically the version of Android “adapted” to televisions and, although it may appear different, the heart of the system is always the same and the connection procedure is very similar to what you would do on an Android smartphone or tablet.

To connect the Android TV to the Network, press the button on the remote control Settings , then select the items All Settings> Wireless & networks, presses the arrow to the right on the remote control to access the next menu, then access the dedicated section by clicking on the items Wired or Wi-Fi> Connect to Network.

If you have chosen the connection via Ethernet cable, you simply have to wait for the connection confirmation message and press the button OK that appears on the screen. If, on the other hand, you need to connect wirelessly, select the item Wireless, click on the network you want to connect to, enter your password using the remote control or the on-screen keyboard and then click on the button OK: after a few seconds the connection will be made.

If your router uses authentication via WPS, you must select the appropriate item from the menu Connect to network, press the within two minutes WPS button on the router (or enter the PIN if applicable) and wait for the message of successful connection.

Proprietary operating system

Connecting a Philips Smart TV with a proprietary operating system to the Internet is as simple as connecting a Smart TV with Android to the Internet. First, press the button Settings on the remote control, select items Config> Connect to Network> Connect using the directional arrows and the OK button on the remote control, then choose the type of connection you want to set up: if you intend to use Ethernet, select the item Wired, check that the cable is correctly connected to both the TV and the router, and wait for the message confirming connection.

To take advantage of wireless connectivity, choose voice instead Wireless, wait a few seconds for the list of available Wi-Fi networks to be shown, select the network you want to connect to, enter the password using the number keys on the remote control or the on-screen keyboard and finally press the button OK: after a few seconds the connection will be initialized and your TV ready for downloading apps from the Internet. It wasn’t difficult, was it?

Download apps to Philips Smart TV

Now that you’ve set up your internet connection correctly, it’s time to indulge yourself and download all the apps you want on your Philips Smart TV. Also in this case the procedures are different and vary according to the operating system you are using: if it is Android TV, you must necessarily have a Google account and set it up on your TV – create it right away using my tutorial if you don’t have one yet, as it’s impossible to download apps without having them.

As for the proprietary operating system, however, there is no need for an account to be configured in advance: just access the section download of your TV. Read carefully the instructions that I am about to give you and you will learn to juggle without problems in both cases!

Android TV

As I have already mentioned to you, Android TV it works exactly like “classic” Android: this means you need to log in to download apps to your TV Google Play and set up (unless you have already done so!) a Google account. To proceed, press the button Home that you find on your remote control (in some models it is a single button, in others you can find it near the directional keypad) and, again using the directional arrows and the button OK, select the icon for Google Play Store from the list of apps that appears on the screen.

Now, choose the item from the list Italian (or whatever language you want to use for Google Play), then click on the item Use of Password: in the window that appears, enter your Google email, select the button Come on, type the password (with the remote control keypad or the on-screen keyboard), click on the buttons Log in then I accept to confirm adherence to the Google terms of service.

Alternatively, you can log in to Google using an account already configured in the browser of your computer or smartphone: after selecting the Italian language, click on the item on the TV Use of telephone or laptop, access this website from the browser of your computer or smartphone, enter the code shown on the TV screen on the web page, click on the buttons Come on, continue and then on the Google account with which you want to log in (possibly, when requested, type the password). After this step, a confirmation message will be shown both on the browser and on the TV screen: now, using the remote control, you simply need to click on the button I accept in the i screen Google Terms of Service which is then shown on the TV.

Once the Google account setup is complete, you will be directed directly to the main page of the Play Store: always using the key OK and the directional arrows on the remote control, select the category (or search by name), then click on the app to install and finally on the button Install, just like you would on any other Android device.

Alternatively, you can install the apps on Android TV using the browser on your computer (or smartphone / tablet): connected to the main page of Google Play, log in using the same Google account configured on the Philips Smart TV, look for the app you want to install, press the green button Install, select the voice for your Philips Smart TV from the drop-down menu Choose a device that appears in the next panel, and click again on the green button Install that you find below.

To open the newly installed app, simply click on the button You open in the Play Store of the TV, or recall it from the list App or Top Apps and Games found on the main screen of the device.

Proprietary operating system

As you may have already guessed, if you do not have Android TV but have a TV with a proprietary Philips operating system, then you do not need a Google account to download the apps: you can do it simply by searching for them from the Store already present on your TV, a really simple operation that it can be done in a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do is press the button Smart TV that you find on the remote control of your TV (in some remote controls the wording Smart TV is present on the button itself, in others instead immediately below, while on the button there is an icon similar to this), then you must select with the help of the directional arrows and the button OK remote control icons App And App Gallery, search for the app you are interested in using the categories (or search by name), select it and then click on the blue button add: after a few seconds the app will be installed and added to the list of available apps in the appropriate section of the home screen.

Have you seen? Downloading apps on Philips Smart TV was not difficult at all: I’m sure that, following my tips, you have finally understood how to proceed, succeeding without problems in your intent. Wait, now are you telling me that you have few ideas and would like some suggestions on which apps to install? Do not hesitate and consult my guide dedicated to Smart TV apps now: I can guarantee you will find what you are looking for.


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