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How to enable and configure parental controls on Apple TV

How to enable and configure parental controls on Apple TV

ANDAs a device designed for the whole family, pple TV has a well-developed parental control system. The guardian can easily limit access to some content, purchases and settings of the device itself. All this for the sake of the child and the condition of the wallet.

Attention: Apple TV devices differ significantly in functionality depending on the generation. The parental control system described below applies to Apple TV 4th generation and later. Some of the features shown are not available on older models.

Including restrictions on Apple TV

All parental controls are available in the Settings app. You can enable access to content and applications using a logically arranged menu. Everything is protected by a four-digit code, without which it is impossible to access the restriction menu.

To enable restrictions:

  1. Launch the application Settings, then select General and Limitations.
  2. At section Parental supervision choose Limitations
  3. Set a code that will secure access to the menu Limitations. Without it, subsequent changes to the settings will not be possible.
  4. After the code is set, you can proceed with imposing restrictions.

Restricting Access to the iTunes Store

Apple TV gives you instant access to hundreds of movies and series. Unfortunately, not for free. You have to pay for almost all movie content in the Apple TV and Movies apps. A bored and unattended child can thus acquire a large bill. Especially if we have disabled the option to confirm each purchase with a password or if the child knows the password for the Apple ID account. To avoid your child buying or renting movies, you can turn on the verification of the purchase with a parental control code each time.

To enable this function, see Limitations and in section iTunes Store click Shopping and rental. Status Let me will change to Restrict. From then on, each purchase will require a parental control code.

An even greater danger to your account balance is posed by In-App Purchases, which is common in many games. The child does not necessarily understand that the purchase of virtual coins, points or other extras involves the loss of real money. Luckily, Apple TV allows you to block the in-app purchase feature.

To block in-app purchases Limitations and in section iTunes Store click In-app purchases. Status Let me will change to Block it. From now on, in-app purchases will not be possible.

Restrict access to movies, music, and apps

Apple TV allows you to restrict access to all content on the device. No matter if they are music, podcasts, movies or games. You can find the restriction options under Restrictions in the Allowed content section.

Music and podcasts – somewhat confusing status For everyone means that access to podcasts for people over 18 years of age and to songs with vulgar text, marked in iTunes with a characteristic E icon, will be blocked. For adults means access to all content without restrictions.

Movies and TV Shows – this option allows you to set a maximum age group, between 7 and 18 years old. You can also block access to all movies or programs. Content intended for an age group older than the one set will not be visible in the catalog of movies and series.

Apps – the option allows you to block access to the application for a specific age group or to all applications. Apps intended for an age group older than the one set will not be visible.

Game Center Restrictions

The options in the Game Center section allow you to block some game functionalities. Here you can disable online playing with other users and screen recording while playing.

Limitations of Apple TV configuration options

In the Allow Changes section, you can block the ability to change the configuration of the Apple TV itself. This is a great way to stop your kids from changing settings that affect things like on home network security and privacy.

AirPlay settings – by blocking access to the AirPlay configuration, you will limit the possibility of sending content from other devices. This is especially important as one of the AirPlay access options allows you to stream content to Apple TV for everyone who has an iDevice; for example, neighbors or people completely unknown.

Location services – allows you to block applications from accessing the device’s location

Including Pilot app – Lets you lock the ability to control Apple TV with iDevices and some universal remotes, preventing your child from using Apple TV when the remote is hidden.

Restrictions parental control code recovery

A forgotten PIN code cannot be recovered. The only way to unlock access to locked options without knowing your PIN is to reset your Apple TV. Resetting erases all data on Apple TV and restores factory settings. After Reset, it is necessary to reconfigure Apple TV, in particular, logging in the user with an Apple ID.

To reset Apple TV:

  1. Launch the applications Settings and choose System
  2. From the section Service choose Reset.
  3. On the next screen, confirm that you want to reset your Apple TV.
  4. After restart, set up your Apple TV.

How to enable and configure parental controls on Apple TV