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How to enable parental controls on PlayStation 4

How to enable parental controls on PlayStation 4

Your PlayStation 4 offers parental control which can restrict access to games, Blu-ray movies, DVDs and web browsing. The restrictions you set are protected with a four-digit numeric PIN so it can’t be easily circumvented.

How to enable parental controls on PlayStation 4

Sony now offers a new “Family” feature that replaces the old “sub account” and “main account” system. You can put restrictions on your children’s individual accounts by applying separate settings for each of them.

How to set up partial controls at the console level

To get started, turn on your PlayStation 4, log in with a user account and go to the main screen. You can press the “PlayStation” button in the center of the controller to access the main screen if you are on another screen.

Press the “Up” button on the controller to access the row of icons at the top of the screen, select the “Settings” icon on the right and press the “X” button.

Select the “Parental Control / Family Management” option in the list and press “X”.

Select “PS4 System Restrictions”.

You will be asked to enter your parental control passcode. If you haven’t set a custom PIN yet, enter the default code, which is 0000. Press the “Square” button four times to enter 0000.

System restrictions give you some options. By default, “New User and Guest Login” is allowed. You can disable this feature to ensure that guests or new users cannot log in, which would prevent underage users from circumventing any restrictions on their accounts.

After doing this, you can restrict access to existing PlayStation 4 profiles with passcodes. Only people with approved profiles will be able to use the PlayStation 4 and play.

Select “Default Parental Control” to choose system-wide settings for non-logged in guests and new user accounts. Separate age levels can be set for games and Blu-ray DVDs. You can also choose whether guest users can use PlayStation VR or access the console’s internet browser.

To restrict games by age rating, select “Age rating for games”. You can scroll through the list and select an appropriate age range for the games. For example, if you select “Level 5: Age 12 or older (Approximation)”, only games rated T (for “Teen”) by the ESRB can be played. Depending on which country you are in, you will see different ratings as different countries have different rating systems.

To limit Blu-ray and DVD movies, select “Age level for Blu-ray Disc / DVD”. You can prevent children from watching Blu-ray and DVD entirely or select different levels of parental control. For Blu-ray Discs, you can select an age – a lower age indicates a tighter restriction.

For DVDs, you can select a number from 1 to 8: the lower the number, the tighter the restriction. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t explain exactly what the DVD numbers correspond to, so it’s unclear what the ideal number is for the age group.

The “Web Filter” option will ask you to purchase a Trend Micro subscription via the PlayStation Store. However, you can always prevent users from fully using the PlayStation 4 browser or set up parental control at the network level on the modem.

When you’re done, be sure to select “Change System Restriction Password” and set a custom parental control passcode. Passcodes are four-digit numeric PINs. If you don’t set a custom passcode, your PlayStation 4 will continue to use the default passcode which is “0000.”

The “Temporarily disable PS4 system restrictions” option allows you to temporarily disable all these restrictions with the tap of a checkbox, for example when adults are using the console.

How to request a password for PlayStation Store purchases

To prevent your children from purchasing PlayStation Store items without your permission, you can request that your password be entered during the purchase process.

To do this, visit Sony Entertainment’s account management website and log in with the account used when installing the PlayStation. 4.

Click on “Account” and click on “Wallet”.

In Account Settings, click “Edit” and set “Require Password” in the “Checkout” option to “Yes.”

Your children will not be able to buy things without the password, even if you have saved the payment method in the PlayStation Store.

How to manage individual child accounts

To limit online features, you will need to create other accounts for your family. PlayStation 4 now uses parent accounts and child accounts. If you add an account under the age of 18, it will be considered a child account that you can restrict.

To manage your family accounts, go to Settings> Parental Controls / Family Management in the same way as above and select “Family Management”.

Log in with your PlayStation Network account and enter your password when prompted.

After logging in, the “Add a Family Member” screen will appear.

You can add an existing PlayStation 4 user account of your family members, add a user account from your friends list, enter the PlayStation Network account details of the user account or create a user account, which can be a local user account without a PSN account.

If you add an account for adults aged 18 and over, you can make that user the family group manager with permission to change parental control settings as well.

After adding a new user account, you can select an age level for games and the age level for videos for that account. You can also choose whether the user can use the Internet browser or PlayStation VR.

You can also prevent the user account from logging in with a PlayStation Network account and thus restrict the use of online features.

To manage these account settings in the future, go back to Settings> Parental Controls / Family Management> Family Management. Select the user account you want to manage or use the “Add Family Member” button to add more accounts.

If you select a user account, you will be able to change the parental control settings for that account, choose whether the family member can join PlayStation Network, and delete the user profile from your system if you wish.


Parental controls here are useful for restricting access to services, limiting access to games and media based on age group and blocking access to websites, for example. Unfortunately, there are no options to limit children’s use of the console during certain hours of the day, play time limits, and other potentially useful time restrictions.

We just finished talking about how to enable parental controls on PlayStation 4, if something is not clear to you please let me know in the comments box.