Like free up space on Apple Watch. If you’re running out of space on your Apple Watch, delete apps and content you no longer need. there how to free up space on Apple Watch and from the device.

Unlike the free up space on iPhone or iPad, your Apple Watch doesn’t have much space for apps, music, podcast and any other content you might try to store on it. The amount of storage space varies from series to series. L’Apple Watch Series 5 offers 32GB of space, but there is only 16GB on the Series 4 etc.

Depending on the version of your watch and the amount of content downloaded or synced, you could easily run out of space. But the clock can give you an idea of ​​how much space you have in total and how much is available. It can also show you how much space your apps and content are using, so you know what to delete when you need to free up space on Apple Watch.

Check the storage in the Watch app

Check the storage space available on your watch by opening the Watch app on your phone. In the My Watch section, go to General> About. Wait a few seconds and the app will display the total number of songs, photos and external applications on your device. It also shows the total capacity and the amount of available space.

Check the storage space on Apple Watch

To check the capacity directly on your Apple Watch, go to Settings> General> Usage. The Storage section displays the amount of free space and the amount of used space. Swipe down on the screen to see how much space each app is taking up and type of content, including music, podcasts, and photos.

How to remove apps from the Watch app

Now you know which content takes up the most space, you can remove items you no longer need or no longer want. First, let’s take a look at deleting apps using the Watch app on your phone. Open the app and scroll down the My Watch screen until you reach the Install on Apple Watch section. Tap the name of an app you want to remove.

Turn off the Show App on Apple Watch option and the app will be deleted from the watch. Go back to the previous screen and the app now appears in the Available apps section, where you can always reinstall it on your watch by tapping the Install button.

How to free up space on Apple Watch delete apps

To remove an app directly from the watch, press the digital crown to go to the Home screen with all your apps in view. If the Home screen is in Grid View, lightly press down on any icon until they all start shaking.

Tap the X button on the app you want to remove. On the confirmation screen, tap the entry to delete the app. Press the digital crown to turn off icon jiggling.

If the Home screen is in List View, scroll through the list until you see the app you want to delete. Swipe the app entry on the left. Tap the trash can icon. Then tap the entry to delete the app.

How to remove music from the Watch app

You may also want to delete other content from your Apple Watch, such as music. Do this by opening the Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll down to the My Watch section and tap on Music, where you can remove songs in different ways.

There is an option called Heavy Rotation, which can be enabled to download the albums and playlists you play. If you don’t need it or just want to see how much space you can free up, turn this switch off to remove recent albums. Then, tap the Edit link in the top right. Tap the Delete icon next to any playlist or album, then tap the Delete button.

How to free up space on Apple Watch delete music

To delete albums directly from your Apple Watch, open the Music app on your watch. Scroll down on each album thumbnail until you see the entries for On iPhone and Library. Tap Library> Albums and scroll down the screen until you see the album you want to remove.

Swipe the album name to the left, then tap the ellipsis icon. On the action screen, tap the Remove button. The app asks you if you want to delete the album from your library or remove this download from your watch. Tap Remove Download and the album is removed from your watch.

How to re-sync photos from the Watch app

You can also edit and limit the photos synced from your phone to the watch. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then scroll down to the My Watch section and tap the Photos entry. If the option is set to Mirror my iPhone or Custom, you can change the album that is synced and check the number of photos.

Tap the synced album entry and switch to another album, perhaps one that contains fewer photos. Tap the Photo Limit item and reduce the number of synced photos to a minimum of 25. The clock will then update the synced photos.

How to remove audiobooks

If you are storing audiobooks on your watch, these can be removed from the Watch app on your iPhone. In the My Watch section, tap Audiobooks. Here, you have a couple of options.

If the Read Now and Want to Read switches are enabled, the watch is automatically downloading audiobooks to fill the space. Turn it off to stop syncing and make space on your device. Look at the list of synced audiobooks to find the ones you no longer need on your watch. Swipe one left and tap the Delete button.

Remove podcasts

If you like podcasts, you can listen to them on your Apple Watch, but if you’re storing them on your device, they can be removed from the Watch app. Tap Podcasts on the My Watch page. There are two options that automatically download episodes, but you can take control of them if you hold down space.

The Listen Now option downloads an episode from your top 10 podcasts, while Custom adds three episodes for each selected show. The Custom option gives you more control over synced episodes, so you might want to try that. If so, turn off the switch for any podcasts you don’t need on your watch.

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