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How to install TWRP custom recovery on Galaxy S8 Plus


How to install TWRP custom recovery on Galaxy S8 Plus

Today we talk about how to install TWRP custom recovery on Galaxy S8 Plus. This is a complete guide on how to install the TWRP custom recovery on new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. TeamWin Recovery is the most popular among the custom recoveries available and is already available for the new born on Samsung Galaxy S8 +.

The device was released in Italy on April 28 and we have it ready here TWRP custom recovery 3.1.0 for this device. You can immediately install it on Exynos variants of the Galaxy S8 Plus. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy all the new features of TWRP 3.1.0.

Once TWRP recovery is installed, you can also install ZIP files. This means that you can also get root permissions on the device. We will use Odin to install this custom recovery.

We have already talked about how to restart the Galaxy S8 Plus in recovery mode using the new Bixby button, now we will also see how to install TWRP on this phone.

To install TWRP 3.1.0 on your Galaxy S8 Plus, I recommend that you read the entire guide in detail. As with the Galaxy S8, the international model does not have a locked bootloader.

By continuing to read, I will walk you through the whole process on how to update recovery on Galaxy S8 Plus using Odin.

Installing a custom recovery like TWRP 3.1.0 allows you to install custom ROMs, receive root permissions on the Galaxy S8 Plus, create backups or restore your phone.

The most important feature is that you can easily install additional system tweaks and mods.

Make sure you have your phone backed up before moving on to the tutorial, in case something goes wrong while running the guide.