Some of your friends have managed to supplement their salary thanks to some jobs done on Internet? Would you like to try to follow in their footsteps but don’t know where to start? I can try to help you but don’t expect miracles or millionaire earnings.

There are some Internet sites that allow you to earn some money by selling items, writing guides and offering your skills for small jobs. None of these allow you to get a real salary but if exploited in the right way they can lead to quite satisfactory results. So, you are ready to find out how to make money on the Internet using them?

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It might seem obvious, but one of the most effective methods for make money on the Internet And sell. Do you have any technological gadgets, games or home accessories that are in excellent condition but you no longer use? Don’t let them rust in the attic and take advantage of the huge showcase of sites like eBay and!

The first does not need any introduction, it is the most famous auction site in the world, the second instead is an all-Italian service with advertisements divided by regions, particularly suitable for those who prefer first-person sales with hand delivery rather than sending the goods. by post from one point of the country (or the world) to another.

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Both are very easy to use, guarantee a lot of visibility and, if the proposed goods are good, they almost always lead to a positive conclusion of the deal. If you want some “tips” on how to sell on eBay, do not hesitate to consult the guide I have prepared on the subject.

Do you love to write and are you famous among your friends for your knowledge in particular fields (eg, IT, housework, etc.)? So now I’ll explain how to make money on the Internet using your skills. Have you ever heard of And Novee? These are two Italian Internet sites that allow, each in their own way, to earn some money by exploiting their skills in various sectors.

  T-Frutta, the new Italian app that makes money by shopping allows you to write guides on the most varied topics (IT, wellness and health, home, motors, etc.) and to share them for free with all users of the site. The tutorials that are deemed most useful by visitors are rewarded with cash bonuses that they can go up to 7.20 euros / guide.

Novee is a so-called marketplace where everyone can show off their skills and offer themselves for jobs to be completed for 9.99 euros. It is possible to offer various types of services, from website development to marketing activities through private security, sending postcards (yes, you read that right!) And much more. Registration, as on Saperlo, is totally free.

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Last but not least, I want to point out a couple of guides that I wrote in the past about how to make money on the Internet where you can find useful tips on how to use the Web to set up a professional blogger or videoblogger business.

The articles are how to make money with a blog and how to make money with YouTube, but remember that these are only guidelines for setting up a business on the web. your luck. Good luck!


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