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How to reduce the size of a video without losing quality


How to reduce the size of a video without losing quality

Knowing that you don’t want to move the video from your mobile to reduce the size of a video, we have several solutions on android. Have quality and light videos on A mobile phone it is not an easy task, so we need to find a way to shrink or compress them.

Although it is true that we can also use another set of online services that will allow us to perform this same action without having to resort to installing an app. So let’s see how to perform the video file reduction.

How to reduce the size of a video with Media Converter

Let’s move on to this simple way first being able to compress a video file without losing quality. It should be noted that videos are characterized by their bitrate, or what is the video bitrate. The higher this index, the better the quality, although having more information, the more weight the video occupies with all the logic in the world.

Where we can play our cards is using a codec that offers good video quality and at the same time it is able to reduce its weight. Let’s go straight to the H.264 video format, which has become a standard due to its excellent ability to save good image quality while reducing file weight.

What we will do for extract that codec is H.264 but with some configurations that drop down to reduce a video’s size.

How to make a video smaller with Whatsapp

If there is one thing that characterizes WhatsApp, it is that will reduce the size of a video or photo automatically into so they don’t take up as much space in the user’s cloud or local storage.

It is true that if we want a photograph not to lose quality and we have to share it with someone we must use an external storage service such as Dropbox or email to send it to them. Sending videos on WhatsApp reduces its weight, but it can also reduce its quality. It will not look as sharp as the original.

So, if we’re skilled, we can use that great video optimization service to compress them and then save them from the folders where the media we use in WhatsApp are located. That is, we will send a message to ourselves on WhatsApp so that Whatsapp can compress the video for us.

AND an app we have at hand and the truth is you just need to know how to send a message to yourself on Whatsapp. We will move forward in this way:

So we can also use this method to reduce a recipe video, to tutorial etc.

Another program to resize videos on Android

We leave you another app that is easier to use than the one before which allows us the luxury of reducing the size of a video and without exerting too much pressure on the storage space we have on our mobile.

Has many reviews and its use is simple, just choose the video and then click a button that says “compress” and start doing the work. You can adjust the video quality between high, normal and low and it has a simple interface that doesn’t cause headaches.

Offers support for a wide variety of formats, allows you to remove audio as well as a basic editing on video and can even convert a video to an MP3 file to keep the audio only. Interesting without a doubt. It is a free app that we have available and that can be an important alternative to compress videos without too many worries.

How to decrease the size of a video with another program

Exist many websites that allow us to compress video online as if we were using an app like the ones mentioned above. If we don’t want to eat our heads and live the same experience we can try using this program to compress video for free:

A set of options to compress a video on our android phone and it doesn’t take up much space. A necessary asset especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space.

Although we also recommend using a cloud storage service to save all your videos. You get 100GB on Google Drive for $ 2 a month, so that’s not bad and you don’t have to worry about compressing videos anymore.