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How to reset Asus tablet

How to reset Asus tablet

We are always the same: every time you try to use yours Asus tablet, you find anomalies. The apps are slow to open and every operation becomes a pain for you, due to the time you waste each time. Still, you remember that the tablet wasn’t as slow as you bought it. How can you go about solving this problem? Don’t worry, because I’ll explain it to you shortly.

In this guide of mine, I will illustrate you how to reset an Asus tablet, restoring it to the factory settings and thus removing any problems that were causing it to slow down. I will show you various procedures, which you can perform with the tablet on, off and even remotely. But be careful: in some cases you may incur in the loss of data in the device memory, read carefully before proceeding.

Did you think the only solution was to buy another tablet? Fortunately, that time has not yet come. Are you ready, then, to bring your device back to life? If your answer is yes, all you have to do is dedicate a few minutes of your time to me, read this tutorial and discover the solution that best suits your needs. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


Preliminary operations

When performing the procedure reset the tablet, you must take into consideration that, depending on the restore operation you perform, you may incur the loss of data present in the device memory.

While some procedures allow you to reset the Android settings without removing personal data (for example photos and videos), others instead perform the deletion. In this regard, before starting to follow the advice you find in this guide, make the backup all the data you have on your tablet, referring to the instructions in my guide on how to backup on Android.

I will not hold myself responsible in the event that you may lose data that is important to you. Clear? Well, then you can continue reading this tutorial of mine, following one of the methods that I will recommend, according to your needs.

Factory reset

If you have the ability to access the settings of Android, you can run the reset an Asus tablet through a simple and immediate procedure. The first step is to open the app of Settings (the icon with the symbol of a gear) located on the home screen.

Now, scroll through the menu items until you find the one named Backup and restore: tap on it and then select Factory data reset. On the screen, you can read a message that warns you that the operation you are about to perform may result in the loss of data in memory.

Before continuing, check if there are any options to prevent the deletion of personal data. In fact, you may find a voice Delete internal archive which, if unchecked, allows you to preserve personal files by only resetting the Android operating system.

To continue, then tap the button Reset tablet and wait for the restore operation to complete. The procedure that I have indicated to you in the previous lines may be different depending on the model of Asus tablet you own.

Hard reset

If you run into problems starting your Asus tablet, such that you do not have access to the home screen, the procedure indicated in the previous paragraph may be impossible to put into practice. In this specific case, the only operation that remains for you to perform is thehard reset of the device: this procedure allows you to delete all the data in the tablet memory, restoring the device to the factory settings. If you have not made a prior backup (I told you about it in this paragraph), you will not be able to recover the data.

With the tablet turned off, press and hold the keys Power on And Volume [+] and hold down until an image of a is shown on the screen robot with an exclamation mark. Then press the side button of power on, in order to access the Recovery of Android. If you don’t know what a Recovery, is software that runs in case the operating system has configuration problems to solve.

Use the keys now Volume to move between the items you see on the screen and choose the option Wipe data / factory reset. The key combination to use for navigating within the Recovery it may be different from the one I have indicated to you; therefore pay attention to the information you read on the screen to avoid errors.

Then choose the item Yes delete all user data, to begin the process of resetting your Asus tablet to its factory state. When done, select the option Reboot system now and run the initial Android setup.

Android Device Manager

If you’ve lost your Asus tablet or want to remotely help a friend with problems with their device, you can perform the remote procedure of reset the tablet , via the panel Android Device Manager. This service was created by Google to allow its users to locate an Android device remotely or execute commands, just like the remote reset, useful for your purpose.

If you want to use this service, go to its official website or use the Find My Device app for Android and log in with it Google account connected to the Asus tablet. The procedures on both platforms are the same, so I’ll tell you which one to do through the web panel.

Once logged in, click on the del icon Asus tablet, which you can find at the top left of the main screen of Android Device Manager. On the left side of the interface, you can see several commands, among which you will have to click on the button Reset device. Then confirm the operation by pressing on the item Reset device.

I remind you that, being a remote procedure, the tablet must be connected to the Internet, without which it cannot receive the reset input of the device. Furthermore, by performing the reset remotely, you may incur in the loss of personal data present in the device memory. Then make a preventive backup of the data, as I indicated in the previous paragraph.

Reset an Asus tablet with root permissions

If your Asus tablet has root permissions unlocked, what I recommend is to reset it via the Custom Recovery that you have installed. Among the many Recovery available, in this guide of mine, I will show you the steps to perform on one of the most used for Android: TWRP.

To start TWRP, you will need to turn off the device first. To do this, press the side button of shutdown and then press the button Switch off, in the screen that is shown to you. Now, hold down the button power on with Volume [+], until you are shown the logo of TWRP, which anticipates access to the software.

From the main Recovery screen, press the button WIPE and, on the bar at the bottom, swipe from left to right, to start resetting the Android operating system and clearing the cached data. By performing this procedure, your personal files are not deleted, but this does not mean that you should not, for safety, perform a backup.

If you want, instead, to perform a complete reset by deleting any data present in the memory of the Asus tablet, press the button Format data and type the word yes, in the text field you see on the screen, to start the complete reset. This can also be done by pressing the button Advanced wipe and placing a check mark on all the boxes you see on the screen, except the one indicating the wording System. I recommend that you be careful, because putting a check mark on it too System, it will also cause the operating system to be cleared, rendering the Asus tablet unusable.