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How to restore the Official ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S5

How to restore the Official ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S5

How to restore the Official ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Root of a Android offers tons of amazing new capabilities and customizations, like installing custom ROMs, apps, themes, and so on. Not only that, we can also improve the performance of the phone.

However, sometimes we get so messed up with the device that we start having serious issues like slow performance, freezing, unusual reboots, errors, etc. So, in order to fix all the problems and to have your device as good as new in a normal condition, you need to Unroot and restore the OFFICIAL ROM on the device.


This tutorial is for Galaxy S5. Do not try this guide on any other Android device. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the instructions provided on this page. Try this guide at your own risk. However, it is very unlikely that the device will be damaged if you follow all the instructions that have been mentioned in the procedure.

We also have a number of important tips that you need to keep in mind before proceeding to the tutorial.

File to download

Note: To download the appropriate file to your computer, please check your model first by going to Settings-> About phone.

1. Download Odin3.09

2. The ROM of your Samsung Galaxy S5

How to restore OFFICIAL ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5

Phase 1 : Make sure you have everything organized to get started with the process. Download both Odin3.09 and the ROM for your device to your desktop.

Step 2 : Extract the downloaded file to a folder

Step 3 : Now turn off the device and restart it in download mode, to do so press and hold the Volume Down + Home key and then press the power button, if you see the Android logo on your screen, press the power button again.

Phase 4 : To boot Odin.exe on the desktop and connect the device to the PC via USB cable, the computer will automatically detect the device.

Step 5 : Distribute the rom in Odin for the name.

Except the first file if you find it difficult to find the other files, leave everything as it is.

Step 6 : Make sure F.Reset and Auto Reboot is checked, leave everything as is.

Step 7 : Now everything is ready to install the official ROM on the Galaxy S5. Just click on the Start button to start the installation process.

Step 8 : Wait until the PASS message arrives on the screen, then the device will reboot automatically.

Here, you have successfully installed the official Firmware on your new Samsung Galaxy S5.