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How to send anonymous email from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook

How to send anonymous email from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook

There are different alternatives to send an anonymous email, in fact I have already shown you 15 excellent alternatives, this day I bring you another new option that will allow you to send anonymous emails using your normal email account, be it Gmail, Yahoo or Outloook. The reasons for sending an anonymous email can be varied, but the purpose is the same: privacy and anonymity.

This new alternative to send anonymous emails is BlankStamp, which aims to simplify the way to send emails incognito from your normal email account.

How to send an anonymous email from your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account?

Sending an anonymous email through this tool is very, very easy. All you have to do is create the email you want to send and format the recipient as follows: [email protected]

For example, if you want to send an anonymous email to [email protected], you would type the address in the address box as follows: [email protected] Once you have done this, the email will be received from a pseudonymous account.

The recipient can reply to the email and choose if they want to remain anonymous as well.

Although it appears that the tool can be used for abuse and spam, the company has said that it is working on different ways to stop users who harass people and, in general terms, misuse the system.

If you receive an email this way and do not wish to continue receiving it, you can click the link at the bottom of the message to block future incognito emails.

Some good uses may be to report bullying at school, college or workplace or to send anonymous comments. It could also be used by journalists.

It is worth mentioning that the company ensures that it does not save any of the messages sent from its servers, so finding out who sent the mail is impossible.

To be able to use this anonymous email service you do not need to register, just use your normal email account and follow the procedure indicated above, and so you can send an anonymous email without registering.

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