Many of your friends play Fortnite and so, intrigued by this now popular video game and become the focus of many conversations, you finally decided to download and install it on your computer. You then promptly sent the friend request to everyone you knew, so they could invite you to their party and start playing together. Once in the game, however, you noticed that something went wrong: for some strange reason, the voice chat doesn’t seem to work and you don’t know how to talk on Fortnite for PC.

Worried about not being able to communicate with your friends, you searched the Internet for information regarding the resolution of this technological problem and then you came across this tutorial. Well, if that’s the way it is, you can rest easy: this is a minor problem, as you probably haven’t activated voice chat correctly. Anyway, don’t worry, we are going to solve this little inconvenience together.

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In the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain in detail how to act to activate the chat integrated in the game, in order to help you communicate with your teammates. Are you ready to get started? All you need is a few minutes of free time; sit comfortably in front of the computer and carefully follow the procedures indicated in the next paragraphs. You will see that in the blink of an eye you will be able to solve the problem you encountered. Let it bet? Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • Preliminary operations
  • Activate chat in Fortnite settings
  • Talk on Fortnite for PC
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Preliminary operations

If you’re having trouble winning games while playing Fortnite, you may need to coordinate better with your teammates. In fact, you must know that for both game modes it is possible to cooperate with other players and the voice chat could therefore prove to be very useful.

In the PVE mode Save the world, in fact, it can be useful to communicate vocally with the other players, in order to coordinate to defeat waves of enemies; regarding the PVP mode Battle royal instead, since it is possible to form a team or play in pairs, coordination is essential to lead a team to victory.

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So, if you want to communicate better with other players on Fortnite for PC, I suggest you evaluate the purchase of a gaming headset, such as the ones I show you below, in order to talk through the microphone of the same and be sure. to be able to talk to your teammates with a clear and clean sound.

In my buying guide dedicated to gaming headphones, you will surely find what you need, as well as tips for buying the headphones that best suit your needs. Below, however, you will find quick links to buy some of the best headphones currently available on the market.

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If you already have a headset with a microphone or an external microphone, make sure you have configured them correctly on the computer so that the peripherals are subsequently recognized by the game and thus be able to activate the voice chat, following the instructions that I will give you in the next paragraph .

Activate chat in Fortnite settings

Once the headphones are activated and configured, the first step you need to take to talk about Fortnite is activate voice chat in the game settings.

To perform this procedure, start the game and, as soon as you see its home screen, select the game mode of your interest by clicking on Save the world or on the called button Battle royal. Then press the button Lobby to enter the main menu and first click on the button with the symbol () that you see at the top left and then on the icon with the symbol ofgear, to enter the menu of Settings.

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In the screen that you see next, click on the symbol of a speaker that you find located in the menu tab at the top, so that you are in the section named Audio, which is related to the activation of the chat and the adjustment of its main settings.

Now, first, adjust the volume options to balance the game audio and the voice chat volume of other players. To do this, use the levers that you find in correspondence with the words Music Volume, Sound Effects Volume, Voice Chat Volume And Video volume.

Having done this, in the menu below, in correspondence with the wording Voice chat, move the arrows, in order to activate the voice YES, and thus succeeding in activating the game’s voice chat by default.

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Once this is done, if you want to talk freely about Fortnite, without having to press any buttons, make sure that in correspondence with the wording PTT the item is set NO. This option refers to push to talk, in Italian press to talk, and that is the ability to keep the microphone off by default.

By activating this option, you can still communicate with other players but, to do so, you have to press a button, in order to activate the microphone manually each time. This possibility is usually useful as it allows you to communicate with other players, without disturbing them with any annoying background noises; if you want to activate it, move the lever up YES next to the menu item PTT.

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Once this is done, refer to the items Voice chat input device And Voice chat output device, which are used to select the microphone connected to the computer: by default there may be the wording Default but, if you have correctly connected the audio device you have to the computer, move the levers you see on the screen, in order to select the external microphone and headphones.

Once these configuration-related operations have been carried out, do not forget to save the changes by pressing the button Apply, which is located in the bottom bar. Also, if you have chosen to activate the Push To Talk, you may also need to configure the button through which to activate the microphone, in order to be able to communicate with other players on Fortnite.

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You must always perform this operation through the audio settings menu: click on the symbol of darts you see located in the menu bar at the top and then scroll through the list of commands, in order to locate the menu item PTT. By default, the pre-assigned command for activating the microphone is the (T.). Eventually, however, you can change it and assign a different key by clicking on the item (T), then pressing the key to which you want to give the new assignment.

In this case, if you have changed some settings affecting the game controls, there is no need to press a key to confirm the changes, as they are automatically saved. When you are done, press the button ESC to return to the main menu of the Lobby.

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Once the game has started, you can access the settings menu at any time, to change the options related to voice chat or any other game option; to do this, press the key ESC, so you can see the setup menu.

Talk on Fortnite for PC

Now that you’ve adjusted all your microphone and voice chat settings, you can start a game via the Lobbyby pressing the key Plays. Once in the game, to communicate with other players on Fortnite you just have to press the button for the Push To Talk (PTT), if you have configured it, or you can simply communicate freely with other players through the use of the voice chat you have previously activated by following my instructions.

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The other forms of communication that are present in the game are the Emote, which can be activated from the appropriate wheel, by pressing the button (B) on the keyboard. Alternatively, the team communication wheel can be selected by pressing the key F4.

The latter form of communication can be particularly useful for quick communication between team members, as it serves to indicate an urgent need, such as the need for materials (I need materials), of shields (I need shields), or treatment (I need medicines).

The default communication buttons for team communications and emotes are also editable through the game settings menu, accessible from the game or from the lobby, as I indicated in the previous lines.


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