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How to unlock iPhone SE 2020 and use it with another carrier

How to unlock iPhone SE 2020 and use it with another carrier

Apple’s iPhones have not become famous for their price, which is why many users choose to buy it through a telephone operator, and thus pay for it a little at a time. Apple’s iPhone SE (2020) changes more or less pace, because it’s one of the cheapest iPhones we’ve seen around in recent years.

If you bought the iPhone SE from your carrier but you like the idea of ​​being able to use it with any SIM and travel with it abroad and use it with a local telecom company then you are in the right place, in this article we will show you how unlock the iPhone SE SIM for free through your operator or using a service like Movical.

How to unlock carrier locked iPhone SE 2020

If you’d rather not pay a third party to unlock the iPhone SE, you can always try your luck with your carrier. There are a few requirements you need to meet first in order for the iPhone to be unlocked by your carrier, which includes:

Assuming you meet these requirements, here are the steps you need to take to get your free SIM unlock code:

Purchase the unlock code for iPhone SE

Considering how new the iPhone SE is, there’s a good chance your carrier won’t give you a free SIM unlock code, although you should probably try it anyway just to see if it works the miracle. In case it refuses, do not worry because thanks to third-party services like Directunlocks, for a very affordable rate, you can unlock the SIM of your iPhone SE.

We at GuideSmartPhone are not responsible for what you do with your phone.

Once you have completed all the above-mentioned steps, your iPhone SE should now be unlocked and you will have no problems with the exchange between operators. This is especially useful when traveling abroad as buying a local SIM is usually cheaper than paying for roaming.

We should remind you that this does not release you from your contract with your operator, but at least it gives you some degree of freedom.