Following our series of tips related to the process of updating operating systems for Apple devices, now we will talk about the watchOS.

In addition to bringing new features such as screens and news in terms of physical activities and health, the watchOS updates bring bug fixes and possible loopholes that could compromise your security.

See below how to update, either using your iPhone or the Apple Watch itself.

WatchOS update by paired iPhone

When a new update is available, Apple Watch will notify you. If you want to check this manually, open the Watch application and under the “My Watch” tab, go to General »Software update.

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On this screen, you can still choose to enable the “Automatic Updates” option. Therefore, the watch can be updated overnight after downloading the update.

Download the installation and, if prompted, enter the code you use to unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch. Wait for the process to complete, which may take a few minutes or hours, depending on your connection, file size, and your clock.

It’s important to note here that for the update to “push” to the Apple Watch, it must have at least 50% battery life and a charger, as well as be close to the iPhone for them to communicate.

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WatchOS update directly from the watch

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple now allows you to perform system updates directly from the watch.

To check for updates, go to Settings »General» Software update. If anything appears, tap “Install.” At this point, you may need to enter the code used to unlock your Apple Watch.

After that, keep the watch on the charger and don’t try to reset it until the process is complete. ?

Easy, isn’t it? ⌚️

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