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How to use the Control Center on Apple Watch

How to use the Control Center on Apple Watch

C.The control facility on the Apple Watch gives you quick access to some of the watch’s features. Some of the features available in the Control Center can only be turned on there (such as Flashlight), others can also be enabled through the Settings application (such as Do not disturb, Airplane mode or Mute). It is worth familiarizing yourself with the operation of individual buttons to use the Apple Watch faster and more conveniently.

To view the Control Center:

Wake up the Apple Watch screen, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Remember: The number of buttons in the Control Center may vary depending on the series and model of Apple Watch, and the version of watchOS installed.


The button allows you to enable or disable access to the Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the Wi-Fi network, the Apple Watch can communicate with the iPhone at a greater distance than with communication using Bluetooth. Enabled Wi-Fi access significantly speeds up the transfer of large files from iPhone to Apple Watch, such as system updates, podcasts, etc. Unfortunately, the enabled Wi-Fi module consumes energy and requires more frequent charging of the Apple Watch.

Cellular (cellular models only)

The button allows you to enable or disable access to the mobile network. The button is green when Apple Watch is logged into the cellular network without using the iPhone. Additionally, the signal strength is displayed in the form of dots in the upper left corner of the screen.

Remember: some network applications may not update notifications or data without an iPhone connection, even though Apple Watch is connected to the cellular network.

Airplane mode

Mode allows you to turn Airplane Mode on or off. When the airplane mode is on, all radio communication modules, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, are turned off in the watch.

Remember: Turning on Airplane Mode on Apple Watch will activate Airplane Mode on the iPhone paired with the watch at the same time. However, disabling Airplane Mode on your watch does not automatically turn off Airplane Mode on your phone.


The battery button shows the amount of energy remaining in the watch battery as a percentage. By pressing the battery button, view the battery status graphically and activate the energy saving mode. Learn more about Apple Watch battery and power saving mode.

Pinging the iPhone

After pressing the ping button, the iPhone paired with the watch starts making loud noises even when it is muted. This is the perfect way to find a phone that you have lost somewhere nearby. If you press and hold your finger on the ping button, iPhone beeps and flashes a flash light.

Remember: the pinging function works only within bluetooth range, i.e. when the distance between the Apple Watch and the iPhone does not exceed 10 – 15 meters.


When you press the Flashlight button, the Apple Watch display lights up white. By swiping left on the screen you can activate: flashing white and gray light, flashing sharp white light or red light. The function is moderately useful as a flashlight, but ideal in the event of an emergency presence signaling in poor lighting conditions.

Do not disturb mode

Do not disturb mode works the same as on the iPhone, i.e. it mutes notifications about incoming calls and text messages, but does not mute reminders and alarms. Do not disturb mode can be turned on indefinitely, for an hour, or depending on the time of day until morning or evening.

Remember: Turning on Do Not Disturb mode on Apple Watch will activate Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone paired with the watch at the same time. Only Do Not Disturb turns off Do Not Disturb on your phone.

Theater mode

In Theater mode, all sounds are turned off, and the screen does not light up when you raise your wrist. Turning on the Theater mode does not affect the operation of the iPhone paired with the Apple Watch.

Remember: In Theater mode, you can wake up the display by touching it.

Water lock (except Apple Watch Series 0 and Series 1)

The button activates and deactivates the lock that prevents the screen from lighting up while swimming. Additionally, when the Water lock function is on, you can get rid of any water left over from swimming from the speaker. To do this, just twist the Digital Crown a few times.


The button turns the watch sounds on and off, except for the alarm clock sounds.

Audio output

The button allows you to select the audio output for music, audiobooks or podcasts played on the Apple Watch. The audio output can be, for example, headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.


The button turns on or off the walkie-talkie mode, i.e. an application that allows conversations between Apple Watch users. The selection of contacts that can communicate using walkie-talkie mode can be made directly in the Walkie-talkie app.


The edit button allows you to change the layout of the other buttons in the Control Center. To change the position of any button, just select Edit, then drag the button you want to a new location and press the Done button to save the changes. Currently, watchOS does not allow buttons to be removed from the Control Center.

How to use the Control Center on Apple Watch