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How to write successful subject lines

How to write successful subject lines

Writing successful subject lines is tricky, because within a few seconds the addressee decides whether to open or delete – and thus whether your campaign will be successful or not. We have put together a few helpful tips for you that should give you new ideas for your next email campaigns. Let yourself be inspired and then it’s time to test, test, test…

Bet on your name

Match the sender address and subject line. If the sender address already contains your company name, you no longer have to mention it in the subject line. Alternatively, the name of the newsletter can be used. This way your newsletter catches the eye of the recipient.

Formulate in an attention-grabbing manner

Make the recipient curious with news or other important announcements. Set deadlines or countdowns. The urgency increases the incentive to accept your offer. Use questions in the subject line if the topic makes sense. Questions involve the reader much more than mere statements.

Briefly emphasize the added value for the recipient

Be brief and get to the heart of the added value of your e-mail. To do this, put yourself in the position of your recipients and briefly put your own goals on the back burner. If you don’t manage to emphasize the advantages of your offer directly in the subject line, the chance that your e-mails will be read decreases.

Nothing but the truth – use accurate subject lines

Raise only the expectations that you can actually meet with your offer – because nothing is as business-damaging as a dissatisfied, disappointed customer. By remaining credible, you build long-term trust with your customers and create a loyal readership.

Personalize the subject line and sender address

Personalized subject lines are definitely an eye-catcher. Do not personalize every newsletter you send, otherwise you risk wearing out this tactic on your readers. Don’t forget the recipients who didn’t enter a name when registering and formulate them in such a way that the subject line works without personalization. In addition to the subject line, it is also possible to personalize the sender. People still prefer to buy from other people.

Need more inspiration? Then open the good old newspaper next weekend at a leisurely breakfast. The classic media are also constantly faced with the challenge of making the reader curious with their headlines and summarizing the essentials of the article with a limited number of characters.

Source: eCircle

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