The OMEN range adopts Warp Wireless Technology across the entire line of accessories and includes the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series card in the OMEN 30L desktop

HP introduces new OMEN accessories with Warp Wireless technology integrated with OMEN Command Center to deliver a wireless ecosystem that transforms gaming experiences. HP also adds the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics to its OMEN 30L Desktop, giving users the freedom and flexibility they need for top gaming experiences. The wireless accessories were introduced during OMEN Underground, with skater Tony Hawk present.

During this unprecedented period, the benefits of gaming are being revealed as we spend more time at home exploring new forms of fun and looking for our mental balance. PC gamers average an additional four hours or more per week to play the game. This scenario leads gamers to look for powerful and functional accessories that offer them the ability to play games with reduced latency. Cable management is a serious issue for most gamers as they need free space to play. HP has conceived a new portfolio of wireless accessories – the OMEN Frequency Wireless Headset, O OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse it’s the OMEN Spacer Wireless TLK Keyboard – with Warp Wireless technology – for clear audio, wireless power and long-lasting gameplay. With Warp Wireless Technology and its 2.4GHz connection technology1, players experience reliable wireless gaming and immersive in an OMEN ecosystem. And by pairing the new wireless accessories with an OMEN 30L desktop with the new NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics card, gamers have access to gaming at another level.

“Players have long been hesitant to fully switch to wireless in their accessories due to concerns about lag, battery life and overall game quality, despite the demand for greater space efficiency, especially at a time when streaming settings are becoming more and more commonHP continues to break new ground by expanding our world-class OMEN ecosystem to enhance Gaming experiences with the freedom that wireless technology allows, ensuring wired performance from our portfolio.and that’s why we’re thrilled to see HP deploy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs in the OMEN 30L – ensuring gamers around the world deliver incredible 2nd gen RTX performance.”


    • 7.1 surround sound impressive with 53mm drivers in the new OMEN Blast Headset. Built with comfort in mind, it features a suspension band and oversized earplugs, features a retractable microphone with passive noise cancellation, so teammates just hear the player in the heat of battle. For flexibility, it features a 3.5mm aux connection that ensures compatibility with a wide variety of consoles, and OMEN Command Center support adds the ability to create and save audio equalization profiles.
  • Gaming monitors HP X24i and HP X24ih they stand out as entry-level gaming monitors, both with an IPS panel that offers ultra-wide viewing angles and, in the case of the X24ih, a height-adjustment bracket. They have a 144 Hz refresh rate with 1 ms10 response time and AMD FreeSync Premium for fluid gameplay.

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  • The OMEN Frequency Wireless Headset is expected to be available in December with a recommended RRP of €199.99.
  • The OMEN Vector Wireless mouse is expected to be available in December at a recommended price of €99.99.
  • The OMEN Spacer Wireless keyboard is expected to be available in December at a recommended price of €219.99.
  • The OMEN Blast headphones are expected to be available in November at a recommended price of €89.99.
  • The HP X24i Gaming Monitor is expected to be available later this year.
  • The HP X24ih Gaming Monitor is expected to be available later this year.
  • The OMEN 30L Desktop with new NVIDIA graphics will be available later this year.
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