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Huawei Next-Image Awards 2021: Biggest smartphone photography contest has begun

Huawei Next-Image Awards 2021: Biggest smartphone photography contest has begun

This year, the theme of the Next-Image Awards is “Better Together” and it has ten different categories that allow creativity in the field of photography and video to be unleashed through the lens of a smartphone.

The 5th edition of the Huawei Next-Image Awards, the largest smartphone photography contest in the world that debuted in 2017 and has already had more than two million entries, started globally and will have a special Portuguese edition. This year, the theme of the Next-Image Awards is “Better Together” and it has ten different categories that allow creativity in the field of photography and video to be unleashed through the lens of a smartphone.

For those who want to participate in this contest, just have a Huawei smartphone and submit your best photos and videos on the global site. The global Huawei Next-Image Awards contest will award more than 70 prizes between cash up to US$10,000 (8,470 euros) and Huawei P50 smartphones, the brand’s flagship considered the best photography smartphone of the year 2021.

The jury is made up of a team of photography experts from different fields and countries around the world, including Canadian extreme sports photographer Reuben Krabbe, famous UK art critic Karen Smith, and French radio producer and television Olivier Chiabodo. The panel will also be joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and founder of the Shanghai Photography Center Liu Heung Shing, Next-Image Awards 2020 grand prize winner Lin Haiyin, BNU School of Journalism and Communication professor Yu Guoming, and Vice Minister of the Strategic Consumer Marketing Department of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Li Changzhu.

With an easy entry mechanism and over 70 opportunities to win prizes, amateur smartphone photographers and visual storytellers from around the world are poised to lighten up the competition for the fifth year in a row.

Applications for Next Image Portugal 2021 open

The Huawei Next-Image 2021 Portugal Awards aim to encourage mobile photography enthusiasts to freely create their content. The Portuguese edition works in the same way as the global contest, starting today and ending on November 30th. Anyone who wants to participate can enter the community directly through the link or using the My Huawei application.

In this contest, 30 finalists will be selected (three per category) who will compete in the global contest on behalf of Portugal and have the possibility of winning a Huawei Watch Fit Elegant.

The local jury will be made up of Huawei’s micro influencers in Portugal, who will choose the finalists and winners of each of the ten categories. Next Image Portugal finalists will be announced on December 17th.

Last year, in Huawei’s #NextImagePT 2020 local competition, launched in May with the aim of encouraging Huawei’s Portuguese online community to test the cameras of the brand’s various smartphone models, more than ten thousand participations were registered.

Ten categories to celebrate the beauty of visual storytelling

Unlike other contests looking for a global winner, Huawei is encouraging entrants to explore different perspectives, formats and lighting conditions. With the aim of leading users to discover the diversity and beauty of life, the Next-Image Awards 2021 have ten different categories. These categories align with Huawei’s smartphone photography strengths, which encourage users to take full advantage of their devices’ innovative features while telling original and authentic stories through photos and videos.

Portrait photography tells human stories, rich and moving in a way impossible to express even with all the words in the world. Whether it is of himself, a loved one, or a model, the Huawei user can now submit his best portrait photographs and who knows, be one of the big winners of the Next-Image 2021.

Monochrome images remove distracting colors, helping the viewer focus on themes, textures, shapes, patterns and compositions. In this category it is intended that the black and white technique reflects the atmosphere, originality and soul of photography.

Huawei smartphones are famous for their ability to produce vibrant photos that ooze vitality. Contestants in this contest can finally make their true colors known by expressing themselves through smartphone photography. It doesn’t matter which object is being photographed, what matters are the sensations that its color conveys to us.

This type of photography allows you to live in the moment, encouraging the photographer to capture defining moments and scenes. The participant can thus create a snapshot that tells a powerful story, or immortalizes an important memory forever.

Thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, Huawei smartphones capture incredible night scenes without the need for a flash or even a tripod. This allows the amateur photographers in this contest to be creative under the cover of darkness, and capture a night scene for later recall.

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For many smartphone users, enlarged photographs are often blurry or of poor quality. This is not the case with photographs taken with a Huawei smartphone, as its telephoto lens will allow you to capture even the most important details and show the clarity of the photographs even when enlarged.

Wide-angle lenses allow photographers to get as close to the subject as possible without excluding crucial elements in the background. Anyone who wants to participate in this category of Next-Image 2021 will be able to use their knowledge of mobile photography to make viewers feel as if they are seeing the scene with their own eyes, and not through a photograph.

In photography, as in life, the small details are often the most important. Exploring different macro photography themes and techniques, while showing the camera’s ability to capture small details up close is the aim of this category.

Recording and producing a video of 15 minutes or less to express your creativity and share your story through moving images is the challenge this category poses to participants! It’s time to step into the director’s chair and create a cinematic masterpiece to show the world.

Unlike other categories that only allow you to upload a single photo, in this category you can use a group of photos (3-9 photos) to express emotions, tell a story, record changes or discover trends.

These award categories highlight some of the key features of Huawei smartphones, such as the unrivaled performance in zoom and low-light photography so characteristic of Huawei’s latest flagship devices. Each category is tailored to a unique photographic scenario in which Huawei devices excel, challenging users to capture emotions as they explore their creativity with their entry into the different categories of the Next-Image Awards 2021.


The simplest way to enter the contest is to enter the link and submit images directly from the global contest homepage. Participants can alternatively visit the link and participate through the Huawei Portugal Community, staying connected to Huawei fans and receiving their feedback in real time.

Grand Prize: Photographer of the Year (3 winners)

Category Winners (27 winners)

Finalists (30 winners)

Student Award (10 winners)*

Local Award (30 winners)

*The Student Award is a new award category for the Next-Image Awards 2021, and reaffirms Huawei’s commitment to promoting creativity in young people. Open to students between the ages of 18 and 24, the talented winners will receive the brand’s latest smartphone, the Huawei P50, and a $1,000 Next-Image Creation Fund, which will be a way to help them reach their potential. artistic.