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Humans the series that shows us the future of Artificial Intelligence

Humans the series that shows us the future of Artificial Intelligence

Whenever we hear about Artificial Intelligence, we remember the personal assistants that are found on our smartphones, Google Assistant by Google and Bixby by Samsung are currently the most popular, this is a path that is being taken by major manufacturers and the future will certainly bring incredible news.

The series we’re talking about today is called Humans and it’s based on the concept of having human-looking machines in our House that only exist to serve us. A robot that just does what you tell it to, cook for you, tidy up your house, take you by car to wherever you need it, without you having to spend it time to be you doing what it’s called, a routine of House.

Humans is a science fiction series that portrays precisely that. In a parallel present, the most common gadget for any family is a human-robot, better known as Synth, that is, an android with a human appearance that has the ability and function to transform the routine life of any family into an easier day-to-day life. .

In the not-too-distant future, it will be difficult to distinguish humans from machines. Artificial intelligence, consciousness, human-robot interaction are some of the many themes this series explores. The line that separates humans from robots becomes increasingly blurred producing a huge emotional impact that will completely transform human life.

Humans is portrayed in London and is focused on an ordinary family formed by 5 elements, a couple with 3 children.

The Hawkins family, with its problems like so many others, reaches a consensus and determines that a Synthetic added to it could be an asset in dealing with House and in everyday tasks with the enormous purpose for which they were built.

Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill), the family man, believes the addition of a servant robot will bring him back. time that despair so much, but the wife, Laura (Katherine Parkinson), senses something different with the addition of the new Synthetic, whose name Anita (Gemma Chan), that something is not right.

All members of this family, interpreted in different ways, the impact that caused the arrival of this robot, but all ended up discovering that a machine, despite providing them with great help, also led to great disturbing consequences.

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The evolution of artificial intelligence, the rules for these robots and their autonomy, why they are unable to harm humans due to their programming to be more passive and why some Synthetics are clearly different from each other, you will discover all these questions and a few more in the episodes of the series and I can promise you that you’ll be pretty hooked on the screen.

Launched in 2015 and issued by AMC, written by Brits Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, the 16-episode series is now confirmed for a third season, directed by Sam Donovan and starring William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Gemma Chan, Tom Goodman- Hill, Colin Morgan, Neil Maskell, Will Tudor, Emily Berrington, Rebecca Front, Danny Webb and Lucy Carless, is a joint production between British channel Channel 4, Kudos and AMC US

This series is broadcast by AMC channel, the episodes of the second season were aired in the first months of this year, however, there are no new airing times yet. As such, they can only be viewed online.