Gábor Szirtesi, better known as Gabinho, became the best in the Ziggo eBattle tournament with more than 8,000 players.

  • Gábor “Gabinho” from Szirtesi became the winner of the Ziggo eBattle
  • The Hungarian FIFA player has thus become a certified exporter of Ajax

No less than 8,747 entrants were attracted to the Ziggo eBattle FIFA competition is the most famous Dutch sports association, the Ajax which had a small stake, as the first place winner was offered a contract. And the event was exciting for us Hungarians as well, as Jonas Ghebrehiwot is one of the best-known FIFA players in Hungary in the final, Gábor “Gabinho” from Szirtesi volt.

The finale was amazingly tight: after the extra time, Ghebrehiwot won the first game on Xbox 2: 1, and on the PS4 rematch, Gabinho won 1-0 with a goal in his hair, so a decisive match followed after a 2: 2 draw. Then, at the 1: 1 position, it seemed that another overtime could come, but Gábor snatched a goal in the last minutes, to which his opponent could no longer answer, so he became the champion of Ziggo eBattle.

Thanks to his victory, Gabinho has thus become a certified FIFA player in Ajax’s export division, so in the future he will represent the Dutch club in various competitions. We congratulate him!


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